Checklist to setup my KRIYA Account

Setting up in KRIYA should be straight forward but please let me know if you get stuck or got any questions.

I’d suggest to start with the Settings first then move your way up on the Menu to set your Schedule.

1. Settings > Studio Settings
2. Settings > Class Types
3. Settings > Instructors
4. Settings > Pricing
5. Settings > Locations
6. Schedule
7. Settings > Widget Code or Free Website

Each section should really take you minutes and not hours. Let us know if you get stuck.

It is important on Settings > Studio Settings that you scroll down and click the yellow button [Connect to Stripe].

This only takes 2-5 mins and it will allow credit card charges to go straight into your bank account.

Once, you have completed the above steps then you are ready to start using KRIYA to accept payments and bookings.

See also How I can start using my KRIYA account for clients to be able to book classes?

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