When I schedule a workshop or course (eg meditation course) can I generate a link directly to this course to share with my clients?

KRIYA provides with two in one solution for the Course Timetable. All Events (Classes, Course and Workshops) are displayed together on the same schedule. Your clients can book all events under the same widget which can be used on your website or as standalone booking link.

When the booking schedule is open, it displays all events starting on the next 7 days. Clients can change this date in the future or they can go into Pricing and directly purchase a any Pass.

See this video https://www.loom.com/share/7ad9ffe62cc84daa9813e460643cecf5

Navigation to the Widget link #

To Open Schedule in Dashboard, follow steps below

  1. Login to KRIYA Dashboard, with ID & Password provided during Onboarding Process.
  2. In the Left there will be the Main Menu, which has Multiple Options and Sub Options.
  3. Click on Settings Menu, then Click on Sub-Menu Widget Code.

This Steps will lead you to the Widget Page , where you can see Two Sections. The Booking Links and the Booking Widget.

Clients can use any of this links to provide a TimeTable for the Students, from which they can, Login, Edit Personal Details and do Bookings.

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