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Manage your bookings, courses and memberships anytime anywhere.
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Why you should use KRIYA Booking System

Benefits of KRIYA Booking System

KRIYA economical online booking system and scheduling software calendar
KRIYA Scheduling Software Calendar Open Class

Easily Schedule & Manage Classes

KRIYA classes management system helps you better manage your members, teachers, class schedule, registrations, track credits, receive recurring payments and business reports.

  • Easily schedule group classes at set times or recurring intervals
  • Set up your availability so students can book private or group lessons
  • Add special events or workshops such as training or retreats
  • Add any number of instructors, class types or locations
  • Charge via credit card at time of booking (major cards supported)
  • See all your bookings in a monthly, weekly or daily calendar at a glance
  • Customers can manage their own bookings including cancelling them
KRIYA Affordable Yoga Studio Management Software Add Class Schedule
KRIYA Yoga Studio Management Software Add Class Schedule

Set up your availability

KRIYA gives you an all-in-one place to manage memberships, book classes and workshops, take payments, and make your tasks easy.

  • Create classes or events
  • Customers book their attendance online
  • Create a calendar of your classes
  • Set up pricing, rates and duration of classes
  • Get notified upon the bookings
  • Manage instructors
  • Keep record of your transactions and payments
Add events and workshops
Add special events or workshops such as Yoga training or retreats to your events calendar. Events and workshops are fun than regular classes.
Your own custom passes
You can create your own custom pricing packages for your classes, from class passes, recurring, intro offers and even courses.
Brand Loyalty
Customers remain loyal to your brand as they are engaged with your classes through KRIYA. As your timetable shows the quality and time you put in, they appreciate and value your services.
Keep track of no-shows, visits and popular sessions
KRIYA is flexible, so it always fits your studio's needs. You can set and add infinite classes or sessions, You can configure locations and rooms and also register the attendance.
Keep on top of your finances
Students can make reservations and pay for their classes online with KRIYA, you can easily manage all orders and payments. Get your instant online transactions and reports ready to manage your finances.
Access your customers anytime anywhere
Make use of KRIYA online booking app and manage your studio on the go. Your students can easily make reservations and pay for their classes online which are accessible, anytime and anywhere on mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

Upfront Payments and Bookings

KRIYA cost-effective online booking system works simple. Lets your clients view your real-time availability, select the date and time, select the pricing option that works best for them and pay in advance online via a credit card.
Customers manage their own class bookings
Customers can easily reach out to your specific class; make a booking and pay upfront. They can also view their purchased history, update their profile and un-book classes.
Transactions & Payments
KRIYA integrates with Stripe. Online payments are secure and PCI complaint.
KRIYA Cost Effective Studio Class Calendar on Monday
KRIYA Cost Effective Studio Class Calendar on Monday

Made in Sydney, Australia

We are proud to be part of WeWork Labs business incubator program based in Pyrmont, Sydney.

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“I have been using KRIYA Australia for some time and it has actually helped me maintain a great relationship with my clients. I was confused about managing my yoga class students’ schedules and timings as it was growing! But with KRIYA it becomes so easy and stress-free. Excellent tool for small businesses.”
“Thank you Kriya for your consistency of Support, Inspiration and guidance... we are proud to be apart of your wonderful system. User and owner friendly and Aussie grown ❤️🙏 If your considering a booking system, look no further.”
“Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for your help and excellent service, and to let you know I’m very happy with the user friendly functionality and features of the Kriya software, and glad I made the choice to go with you!”
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