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Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, Dance

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Busy Yoga studio owner juggling between managing a business, practicing and life

1. Save Money

Why use expensive booking systems when you can invest the difference back into your business? Start accepting bookings for as low as $19 aud per month.

2. Save Time and Energy

Are those spreadsheets and handwritten lists getting out of hand? Start accepting online upfront payments and bookings in minutes. Have your timetable integrated on your website or we can even set you up your own mini website.

3. Bespoke custom features available

We design and implement any special features or additions you may want. Talk to us.

4. Support Australian Business

We are based in Sydney and provide local support. When you chose our booking software you are supporting Australian small businesses.

5. Personal Attention

We are a boutique company with a small portfolio of clients and therefore we provide personal attention and close relationships with anyone who works with us.

Key Features

Unlimited classes, courses and events

Add special terms, courses or workshops such as Yoga training, a 10 weeks term or weekend retreats to your events calendar.

Your own custom passes

Design your own custom passes such as monthly intro passes for new students or other special offers.

Keep on the top of your finances

Easily manage all orders and payments and get instant online transactions and reports including unpaid visits, revenue, and attendance reports.

Mobile friendly

Make use of KRIYA online booking app and manage your studio on the go. Your students can easily make reservations and pay for their classes online which are accessible anytime and anywhere on mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

Unlimited instructors

KRIYA is flexible to your studio's needs. You can set and add infinite instructors, classes, or events with no extra charge. You can also configure locations and register attendance for classes.

Automated email receipts

KRIYA has automated email receipts option and will send payment receipts automatically to purchaser.

How do I get started?

Integrate KRIYA on your website and business in 3 easy steps

1. Create and Setup your Schedule

We can go through this together. Here you create your different pricing passes and rooms or locations. This usually takes less than an hour to complete.

2. Connect to our payments gateway

This allows you to process credit cards and receive payments. It takes less than a minute.

3. Embed the timetable widget or set up your own KRIYA mini-website

Choose to use your own website or customize your landing mini-website in the system.

4. Start accepting online payments and bookings

You are really ready and integrated the same day. Teach online or at a studio.

Worried about migrating from other software?
Relax. We do this often.

Like you, 90% of our customers come from other software.
We’ll work with you to make the transition quick, easy and painless.

KRIYA is an affordable booking and management system

How much does KRIYA cost

KRIYA is an affordable booking and management system made for small and medium businesses.

How can KRIYA safe you time and money? We want you to try it first and make sure the system can benefit you.

Made in Sydney, Australia

We are proud to be part of WeWork Labs business incubator program based in Pyrmont, Sydney.

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Senior Developer
Nick Porter
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Frank Pineiro
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Client Success Advisor
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Senior Developer
Vinita Kumawat
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Quality Engineer
Vima Sowthri
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Community Manager
Roza Šifrin
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Marketing Manager
Chris Ong

Who is Kriya for

Any small to medium business who runs group classes. KRIYA is of special benefit to yoga, pilates and dancing studios, fitness and bootcampers and personal trainers.

We support any businesses in the world (any currency and any timezone).


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