KRIYA pole dancing studio software is your all-in-one local Australian system to keep your business organized and efficient. Manage clients, attendance numbers, timetable, online bookings and payment solutions, automated emails and more.
Pole Dancing and Fitness Studio Software
Pole Dancing and Fitness Studio Software

Your clients would love the convenience of paying and booking sessions online

Give your clients the opportunity to secure a spot and pay for their next sessions online.

Manage Pole Dancing Classes Schedule - KRIYA Booking System
Manage Pole Dancing Classes Schedule - KRIYA Booking System

Pole Dance Studio Software Features

  • Easy navigation and is simple to set up and simple to use.
  • Makes it easy for you and your staff to manage your clients, different membership plans, reservations and track attendance.
  • Your clients can easily browse and book classes, or get a spot on the waiting list, either on a laptop or a mobile device.
  • Create class schedules.
  • Keep teacher profiles and class descriptions up-to-date.
  • Keep track on attendance statistics.
  • Manage memberships, reservations, and more.
  • Stay better in touch with your customers and your business.
  • Set a capacity on your classes. To get the most out of pole dance classes; you can keep some classes small in size say with a maximum of six students per class so that you use the timetable effectively.
  • Generally, many studios offer two class types available for attendance; a women's only class and a unisex class. Also, remember that professional custom poles are professionally rated for up to 300lbs.

Your clients can choose from single sessions or class terms / courses

Give your clients the option to book 1 class or a term of 8 or 10 classes.


Q1. Would KRIYA allow my clients to book and cancel sessions

Yes KRIYA allows you to book your clients for your online sessions. If you want
to cancel your sessions or reschedule it to a later date you can easily do it
using  KRIYA.

Q2. Can I continue to use Square or get cash for my sessions if
I use KRIYA?

Yes, you can continue to use Square payment gateway and even choose to opt for
cash payments for your sessions when you use KRIYA booking for your clients.
KRIYA offers powerful payment and point of sale platforms to make every
type of transaction simple for you.

Q3. Can I automatically charge clients for a membership?

Yes, you can automatically charge clients for membership. Your clients can go online and reserve their spot in class or a term / course or purchase a pass anytime they want. Flexible membership configurations are what KRIYA provides for you to run your pole dance classes the way you want.

Q4. Can I set up my free website with KRIYA?

Yes, you can do so if you want. At KRIYA you don’t need a website to start accepting bookings or payments for your classes.  You can though build a website by going to settings and set up your free website.

Q5. Can I sync my timetable with Google calendar?

No at present you cannot sync your timetable with Google Calendar.

Q6. Can my clients make advance bookings?

Yes, your clients can make advance bookings but not more than 4 weeks/month in advance. You can also create courses where your clients prepay the whole course and are automatically booked into every class in advance.

Q7. Can I have more than 1 location on the system?

Yes, you can have more than one location on the system. There is no region or area-specific limitations at KRIYA.

Q8. Can I send SMSs to my clients?

Yes, we are adding this feature soon. You can then send automated reminders for your boot camps or workshops and promote your business using push notifications through SMS so that your clients know about your classes and offers.

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