Why KRIYA For Gym Studio?


KRIYA makes you achieve your goals and provides you a complete solution to help your Gym business grow. It allows you to offer your clients memberships and classes, keep track of your clients or members, teachers or instructors, and their schedules as well as accept booking payments in seconds.


KRIYA is focused to help small to medium-sized businesses gym studios. With lots of custom features you can run the studio the way you want in low budget.

Features of KRIYA

  • It is affordable for small and medium Gym spaces
  • Accept bookings and  manage your studio operations with integrated payment solutions
  • KRIYA brings for you automated marketing and features that brings your presence online
  • You can  efficiently manage schedules even on your smartphones or with your own free website
  • You can teach online and take classes on Zoom or Skype
  • Is affordable and hassle-free.

If you are a business owner and own a Gym, KRIYA software can be used to assign classes or training sessions to specific employees, create membership limits on classes, onboard new members, track employee hours, pull reports, sell gym merchandise and memberships, keep track of members through lightweight CRM-style features, track and process payments, and send emails.

As a Gym trainer, you can use KRIYA software to find out your upcoming schedules, see how many members are signed up for your classes or services, and track members’ progress. Meanwhile, your students use the software to book classes or services online either through a dedicated app or on your gym website, make payments, and in some cases access their individualized fitness information.

Who All Can Use KRIYA Software?


Any fitness studio like Dance studios, yoga studios, gymnastics training centers, spin studios, spas, salons and even independent personal trainers use KRIYA software.

What Makes KRIYA Useful?

Affordable Pricing

As price or cost is the important factor to consider while running a Gym studio, KRIYA fits in your budget or not. Most small to medium business gym owners are given various tools with features for active and registered users that come with special pricing. As such, you have the ability to scale the tool as your gym expands and take the package according to your needs and use. Likewise, you have the ability to decrease your monthly subscription if you downsize your company.

User Friendly

KRIYA software is user-friendly. KRIYA app and site is easy to navigate and even offer guide tutorial so that you can use it in a friendly manner. Even have options that usually include pre-built gym training templates, class sequence, intuitive user interface, and wizards, which are all ideal for rapid learning sequence. Enterprise solutions usually have more creative control in this software. You and your team have the power to customize your classes the way you want and have the ability to integrate social media tools and third-party software as well.

Cloud Based

KRIYA software and booking system is usually cloud-based. As such, you can access them remotely, using any device. The software takes care of the hosting, updates, and software upgrades. Also, you and your students can log in to the platform from anywhere in the world with a mobile app as well and you’re able to manage users and integrate branding.

Excellent Support

As small to mid-sized gym businesses tend to have a smaller staff on hand, KRIYA software takes this into consideration and provides studios with built-in resources. Also offer 24/7 customer support as well as help you with troubleshooting issues.

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KRIYA gym management software caters to local studios as well as is best for new startups and medium-size studio owners allowing custom features, booking, payments and customer support for admins as well as students who use this low cost and efficient software. You can easily integrate with most widely-used browsing systems and apps and see all the student activity even on the go.

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Finally, remember for gyms, fitness studios and personal trainers, KRIYA software is the best way to accept and track payments and manage both members and staff. You take the membership and leave it on to KRIYA that can help you minimize the time spent on paperwork and analog tracking and provide a better experience for you and your customers.

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