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Becoming a partner

Now that you are exploring KRIYA and getting started you can partner with KRIYA online booking system. Partnering with KRIYA is a way to help the businesses grow. Partnering goes for a good cause by helping everyone to stay healthy and fit. At KRIYA management software we believe the theory of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ which means “the world is one family".

Thus we love to partner with organizations and people who are an inspiration for the world and want a healthy planet to live in and make a motivational change in the life by creating better living standards for our customers and consumers each day.

Enquire today and gives us a chance to connect with you.

At KRIYA booking system you will find three types of partnerships

  • Integration Partners (directories, groups, marketplaces)
  • Referring Partners (industry leaders, influencencers, speakers)
  • Brand Ambassadors (believe in our product and want to promote our brand and vision)

Integration Partners

Integrated Partnerships work on Joint Product Partnerships where partners combine their services by integrating with one another. Opting for these partnerships, we at KRIYA plan with you exactly the way you want. Whether its your company website or app your and our brand will incorporate the service via white-labelling (a product or service produced by one company rebranded to make it appear as if they had made it) or IFraming (an element used to insert content from another source into a web page), often with the use of APIs (that are a set of subroutine definitions and data protocols). 

There are many benefits of Integrated Partnerships like instead of a customer having to click away to another app, or open a separate window to get to a partner’s app, their services are offered all within one environment. Also allows you to offer another service without having to create it yourself from scratch and have the available business data, or any of such kind of your valued customer in handy making the customer journey easy and seamless.

Referring Partner

A referral partner is an Internet marketing term that refers to a company or an individual that sends prospective leads to the primary website via their website, blog, Web page, group, email or through any other Internet-based link-sharing method. Referral partners are part of an affiliate network, which allows advertisers or primary website owners to partner with affiliates to promote their products and services on an affiliate-maintained website, blog or through a social network. Note that a referral partner is also known as affiliate or affiliate partner.

Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassador partners are those who love promote a small businesses’ goods and yoga services. This type of partnership will help increase sales for small businesses by boosting brand awareness. Our KRIYA brand ambassadors believe in our product and want to promote our brand and vision.

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