Pilates and Physio Classes Scheduling Software and Booking System

KRIYA Pilates Studio and Physio Scheduling Software is your comprehensive, all-in-one solution, meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of Australian businesses in the wellness sector. This robust system streamlines your operational processes, enabling efficient client management and effortless automation of invoice generation with provider numbers. It simplifies the management of class terms and timetables, while also facilitating seamless online bookings and integrated payment solutions. Plus, its capability for automated email communication ensures consistent and professional engagement with your clients. With KRIYA, managing your studio or physiotherapy practice becomes more organized, efficient, and user-friendly.
Physio and Pilates Studio on Mat Class Booking Software
Physio and Pilates Studio on Mat Class Booking Software

Your clients would love the convenience of paying and booking sessions online

Give your clients the opportunity to secure a spot and pay for their next sessions online.

Pilates Classes Schedule - KRIYA Software
Pilates Classes Schedule - KRIYA Software
KRIYA online booking system pilates classes
KRIYA online booking system pilates classes

Physio and Pilates Studios are ideal for those aiming to maintain fitness and physical well-being. Pilates provides a comprehensive exercise program focused on strengthening muscles and enhancing body movements.

These studios offer tailored exercise routines designed by experienced instructors to meet individual needs, ensuring a holistic approach to body toning and fitness.

A variety of exercises are facilitated using diverse fitness machines and equipment, catering to different levels of physical capability and goals.

For clients unable to use standard Pilates or Physio equipment, many instructors offer manual fitness programs. The versatility of equipment, with its moving surfaces and variable resistances, allows exercises to be adapted for increased challenge or eased for assistance. All equipment is used under the supervision of registered Physiotherapists and qualified fitness instructors.

Why Choose KRIYA for Your Physio / Pilates Studio?

KRIYA stands out as the ideal booking software for Physio and Pilates Studios. It simplifies the booking process, allowing clients to view real-time availability and book sessions at their convenience. Clients have the flexibility to choose dates and times, make credit card payments, or pay in advance.

This system also enables clients to independently cancel or reschedule, reducing administrative burdens. Enhance client relationships with streamlined communication, efficient schedule management, and easy class bookings. You have the option to take full or partial payments for classes.

Joining KRIYA also means growing your brand and studio while expanding your client base. With web and social integrations, plus lead management solutions, KRIYA eases the process of attracting new clients and converting them into loyal members, thus simplifying your studio management tasks.

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Your clients can choose from single classes to class terms 

Give your clients the option to book 1 class or a term of 8 or 10 classes.

Features that are best for Physio / Pilates Studios booking software

For Physio / Pilates Studios booking software the following features are considered the best:
  • Booking software should be optimized for easy access even with your mobile on the go.
  • Navigation on your dashboard should be easy and simple to use and understand.
  • The billing and payment of your services should be managed and integrated with card payments or any other payment method that the student wants to use.
  • The booking software should have web and social integration even with your website and social channels so that new customers and members can seamlessly view, book, and pay for your services online.
  • You should get insights on your business reports that will have you making the best business decisions, faster. Whether it is highlighting if a promotion was successful, or which trainer boosts client engagement, you’ll have the info you need at your fingertips.
  • Should offer help support at all times.
Pilates Booking System

How to promote your Physio / Pilates Studios?

As the owner of a Physio / Pilates Studio, remember that finding the best way to promote your business is essential.

As in any business, you’re going to face immense competition, and that’s why it’s so important to sell your services to your customers in a proper way.

For that, you need a booking and management software. Like at KRIYA, our online booking system offers Physio / Pilates Studios management software that provides an all-in-one place to manage membership and class packages, book classes and workshops, take online payments, and simplify your daily routine.

This means KRIYA’s affordable system allows for a hassle-free booking process, letting you offer context-specific fitness programs.

You can prepare a class timetable accordingly, like post-surgery physio classes for those gaining strength before and after hip and knee replacements, or Arthritis classes for people with movement problems, and so on.

You can take private or group classes under various booking options available in Physio Pilates.

You can customize your reports after an initial Physiotherapy assessment, and patients can opt to have one-on-one Pilates instruction with exercises prescribed and supervised by a Physiotherapist.

There is also the option to join one of the group physio Pilates sessions with a maximum number of people in the class or just with a single patient, which means you can schedule your classes the way you want.

Also manage your Pilates instructor or Physiotherapist, create their profiles, and help your students rate them accordingly.

Physio Pilates Studios Software


Q1. Can clients book and cancel classes online with KRIYA?

Yes, KRIYA facilitates easy online booking and cancellation of classes for your clients. You can also manage session cancellations or rescheduling through KRIYA.

Q2. Can I continue to use Square for payments with KRIYA?

Yes, you can continue using Square for session payments with KRIYA. This includes using your Square tap box for walk-ins, along with accepting cash payments. KRIYA’s versatile payment system makes all transactions simple.

Q3. Is automatic charging for memberships possible?

Yes, KRIYA allows for automatic charging of memberships. Clients can easily reserve their spots in class or purchase passes online, with flexible membership options available.

Q4. Can I set up a free website with KRIYA?

With KRIYA, you have the option to set up a free website. While not a requirement for accepting bookings or payments, it’s an available feature in the settings for those who wish to use it.

Q5. How can I start accepting online payments and bookings?

You can start accepting online payments and bookings in two ways:

  • Linking your booking page from your website.
  • Using the KRIYA mobile app.

Choose any or both options and promote this page to your students via your website and social media.

Q6. Can I manage multiple locations with KRIYA?

Yes, KRIYA supports managing multiple locations, with no regional or area-specific limitations.

Q7. Can I send SMS reminders to clients?

This feature is being added soon. It will enable automated SMS reminders for classes and workshops, helping you effectively promote your studio.

Q8. Is there a mobile app available for my clients?

Yes, the KRIYA mobile app is already available for clients on both iOS and Android platforms. This ensures easy and convenient access for your clients to manage bookings and payments directly from their mobile devices.

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