The Light Of Yoga in Malabar

the light of yoga in malabar
The Light of Yoga in Malabar

As a home based small studio we needed a local system we can call and get support when we needed.

The Light of Yoga is a small studio based in Malabar Sydney. Light of Yoga studio has an inspiring and motivational story to tell. The founder of this awesome studio is SukhRaj who once had a flying career with brand international MNC’s . Soon SukhRaj passion grew towards Health and Yoga which inspired him to put his life at a slow pace with inner satisfaction and to benefit the community.

Now Light of Yoga offers in-depth yoga classes be it Hatha, Vinayasa, Ashtanga or Kundalini  yoga for beginners to advanced practitioners. Light of Yoga wonderful classes can be booked using KRIYA Software as the studio loves this local online booking which is supportive to manage their studio bookings.

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