Online Yoga Classes Booking System

KRIYA's Online Yoga Classes Booking System is your comprehensive, all-in-one solution, specifically tailored for the Australian market to streamline your virtual yoga business. It expertly facilitates the management of students, tracks attendance, handles pass distributions, and organizes your class timetable. This robust system simplifies the online booking process and integrates seamless payment solutions. Furthermore, it enhances client communication with automated email functionalities and more, ensuring that your virtual yoga classes are organized, efficient, and user-friendly.
Yoga Studio Management Software
Yoga Studio Management Software

Your clients would love the convenience of paying and booking sessions online

Give your clients the opportunity to secure a spot and pay for their next sessions online.

Online Yoga Classes Software

Australian Yoga businesses, particularly those offering online classes, face a universal set of challenges.

  • Attracting new students to online platforms
  • Maintaining student engagement and retention in a virtual environment
  • Efficient day-to-day management of online classes

Successful online yoga classes often specialize in a particular style or practice, catering to specific student preferences. Larger online businesses have the capability to offer a diverse range of classes and styles, meeting various student needs across the virtual platform.

Launching an online yoga business requires time, effort, and investment for smooth operation. Gone are the days of relying solely on print media for marketing. The digital era offers easier, time-saving, and cost-effective ways to grow your virtual yoga classes, making them more accessible and appealing to a wider audience.

Get started accepting payments and bookings within 2 hour

KRIYA is easy to setup and get started.

Challenges for Online Yoga Classes in Australia and the World

  • Competition in the online yoga space
  • Attracting and retaining students in a virtual environment
  • Efficient management of online class operations
  • Streamlining online bookings and payments
  • Delivering high-quality online yoga experiences


Competition is a major challenge for online yoga classes. To stand out, you need a strategy that includes:

  • Effective marketing and promotions
  • A robust online yoga booking system
  • Targeted advertising, both online and offline
  • Strong online presence on social media and digital platforms
  • Highlighting your accreditations and qualifications
  • Personalizing your teaching approach

Marketing and promotions need a well-planned structure to meet the demands of yoga enthusiasts in your area. Consider hiring a marketing professional to help you craft effective strategies.

Advertising should make full use of digital channels, including social media, as well as traditional media like print and radio.

Establishing a strong online presence is key. Create social media pages for your yoga classes and engage with your audience. Here's a guide to streaming online yoga classes.

Your qualifications and unique personality are important in differentiating your online yoga classes from others.

Getting Students & Retaining them

Acquiring new students and retaining them is crucial. Effective marketing and offering unique aspects in your classes can attract more students. Consider providing value-added services or specialized yoga styles.

Offer incentives to existing students, like discounts or special events, to keep them engaged and returning to your classes.


Efficient management is vital for online yoga classes. This includes customer support, student and teacher records, bookings, and more.

Online management software like KRIYA can simplify these tasks, allowing you to focus more on teaching and less on administrative duties.

Bookings and Payments

Managing bookings and payments is streamlined with an online yoga booking system like KRIYA. Set up your class timetable and manage bookings and payments easily, even on the go.

Online booking systems can also help manage smaller client groups, offering reservation options and helping you keep track of your business's growth.

What You Need for Online Yoga Classes

A professional website and social media presence are essential for streaming your classes and reaching a wider audience. Learn how to stream your virtual yoga classes on Zoom.

Virtual classes provide global reach, allowing you to connect with both local and international students.


KRIYA is an all-in-one Yoga Classes Management Software and Online Booking System that is simple to use, Australian-made, and affordable. It helps you manage your classes, students, and finances effectively.

Start accepting bookings within 2 hours and rely on KRIYA for class bookings, marketing, and branding.

Made for Australian Yoga Teachers Teaching Online

With features requested by local Australian instructors, it makes KRIYA the local system of choice.

Features from KRIYA Booking System

  • Easily schedule yoga classes for small, medium, or large groups at set times or recurring intervals.
  • Set up your availability to allow students to schedule private yoga or Pilates lessons at times convenient for you.
  • Add special events or workshops, like teacher training or retreats, to your events calendar.
  • Include any number of instructors, class types, or locations, and manage their attendance efficiently.
  • Offer payment options like credit card payments at the time of booking, supported by a wide range of gateways, including Stripe.
  • View all bookings on an easy-to-navigate monthly, weekly, or daily calendar.
  • Empower students with the ability to manage their own bookings, including cancellations.
  • Collect feedback from students to continually improve your classes and sessions.
  • Enjoy complete customization to fit the specific needs of your yoga studio.

With customizable features and built-in system integration for various needs, such as an email marketing system to effectively communicate with students, and options to build your mailing list rapidly, KRIYA enhances your ability to keep potential customers engaged and informed. This also aids in improving your search rankings to attract new customers.

Unlike many online booking systems that don't cater to local yoga studios or support local currency, KRIYA offers extensive features to manage and customize your business operations within a budget-friendly framework. Additionally, KRIYA provides 24/7 customer support to help you boost and efficiently manage your business.

Interested in KRIYA for your yoga classes? Click here to join now or request a free demo.

Your Clients Can Choose from Single Sessions or Courses

Offer your clients the flexibility to book either a single class or opt for a course consisting of 8 or 10 classes, catering to their individual preferences and needs.


Q1. Does KRIYA support online booking and cancellation of classes by students?

Yes, KRIYA enables students to book, pay for, and cancel classes online. Additionally, you can manage class cancellations or rescheduling through the KRIYA Dashboard.

Q2. Can I continue using Square or accept cash payments with KRIYA?

Absolutely. KRIYA is compatible with Square for card payments, and you can also accept cash payments for your sessions. Our platform streamlines all types of transactions for your convenience.

Q3. Is automatic billing for recurring memberships possible with KRIYA?

Yes, KRIYA allows for automatic billing of memberships. Clients can easily reserve their class spots or purchase passes online, with various membership options available.

Q4. Can I set up a free website through KRIYA?

Yes, KRIYA offers the option to set up a free website. While not required for booking or payments, this feature can be accessed in the settings if you choose to enhance your online presence.

Q5. Is it possible to synchronize my timetable with Google Calendar via KRIYA?

Currently, KRIYA does not support synchronization with Google Calendar for your timetable.

Q6. Are advance bookings by clients possible with KRIYA?

Yes, clients can make advance bookings, and you can set the allowable advance booking period in your settings. Additionally, you can create courses where clients prepay and are automatically enrolled in all classes.

Q7. Can I manage multiple locations with KRIYA?

Yes, KRIYA supports managing multiple locations without any regional restrictions.

Q8. Will I be able to send emails and SMS reminders to my students?

This feature is upcoming. Soon, you'll be able to send automated email and SMS reminders about your classes and workshops, helping to keep your clients informed and engaged.

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