How do you Deal With Mobile Phones in Yoga Classes
How do you Deal With Mobile Phones in Yoga Classes

Mobile phones are not allowed in yoga classes. The reason is straightforward: Yoga is a discipline like any other fitness class, and some etiquette must be followed.

It would help to switch off your mobile phones when your yoga class is in progress. It is distracting and disrespectful to the teacher and other students.

A yoga studio is considered a place of well-being where one is healed, nourished, and toned. In Meditation, one has to disconnect from the outer world, and that’s why mobile phones are to be silent.

Mobile Phones in Yoga Classes – Allowed or Not

Student using mobile phone in yoga class
Students using mobile phones in yoga class
  • It depends from studio to studio. Generally, it is not allowed.
  • If allowed, then the mobile phones in yoga classes should be in silent mode,
  • Many yoga studios have adopted the policy of no phones on the studio floor.
  • Some hire a security guard at the door to confiscate the mobile phones of the students and yoga teachers who enter the studio.
  • At the beginning of the class, a few yoga teachers ask students to hand over their mobiles and get them back after the class.

How do you Deal With Mobile Phones in Yoga Classes?

  • Dealing with mobile phones at yoga classes is not difficult.
  • You can explain to students how mobile screening can hinder their class and distract their well-being.
  • Students must be aware that using a mobile phone at yoga classes changes their kinaesthetic awareness, and their brains will not retain the benefits of whatever class modality they are in.
  • Teachers can outline this and reiterate that they have chosen to come here to improve themselves, whether physically or mentally. By asking them not to bring their phones to class, you, as an instructor, ensure they understand why and show that you care about them.
  • You can allow them to talk outside the class in an emergency.
  • For some rude students who don’t want to obey the rules, you can be strict with them and ask them to either leave the class or give them extra work to do.
  • You are allowed to make rules on such etiquette.
  • Remind students to turn off their phones at the beginning of the class.

What to do about mobile phones at yoga classes?

Everyone does have mobile phones. You can follow the practices below about mobile phones at yoga classes.

  • Please put it in aeroplane mode. If you do not have a silent mode, put your phone in aeroplane mode. This disconnects the phone from the mobile network, so no calls or texts will come through. You can also use the vibrator mode if you want.
  • Leave it outside your yoga class. Many yoga studios offer lockers or some drawers. This is a good solution, except when the phone starts ringing, and you can hear it inside the class space.
  • Switch it off. Turning it off completely will ensure your phone does not produce sound: no calls, app notifications, or texts.
  • Emergency exit. If you have an emergency and know your mobile will ring, you can ask the teacher for permission and go outside the class to talk.

Other Yoga Etiquette to Follow

Taking photos at yoga class
Taking photos at yoga class

Yoga is a solitary thing, and there are certain etiquette to follow.

  1. You can chat, mingle with other students and teachers, and be social outside the class.
  2. You need not film shoot or take photos while yoga class is in progress.
  3. After the yoga class, clean up. If you use props during class, put them back in their proper place when you’re done.
  4. If the studio has locker rooms or shower rooms, use them for at least 3 minutes, as other people are in the queue.
  5. Be respectful.
  6. For any reason, if you leave the class early, then always tell your teacher about it.
  7. Be punctual to class. Arrive at least 10 minutes before the yoga class starts.
  8. Stop bringing any electronic gadgets to class.
  9. You should stick to your yoga spot at the class and avoid unnecessary fights for the place.
  10. Don’t use fragrances and perfumes, and wear simple clothes.
  11. Adapt to the silence within yourself to get the most out of the yoga class.
  12. Follow the rules and policies of the yoga studio.


Finally, mobile phones at yoga classes are not acceptable as they distract everyone. Your yoga practice session is an opportunity to reduce stress, relax, and heal your body and consciousness.

Follow the do-not-disturb rule and adhere to the principles of the yoga studio. In case of emergency, talking outside the yoga class can be considered.


Can I bring my mobile phone to yoga classes?

Generally, it’s best to leave your mobile phone outside the yoga studio or in silent mode to minimize distractions for yourself and others.

What if I need to be reachable in case of an emergency?

If you anticipate needing to be reachable for emergencies, inform the instructor beforehand and place your phone on silent mode with vibration alerts.

Are there specific guidelines regarding mobile phone usage in yoga classes?

Each yoga studio may have its policies regarding mobile phone usage. It’s best to check with the studio or instructor before bringing your phone into the class.

Can I use my phone for meditation or mindfulness apps during yoga classes?

While some practitioners may find meditation or mindfulness apps helpful, it’s best to use them before or after the class to avoid distractions and fully engage in the practice.

Are there designated areas for storing mobile phones during yoga classes?

Many studios have lockers or a safe, designated area where you can keep your mobile device away from you until you take the yoga class.

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