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When I was working in a corporate, our company’s CEO wanted all the employees and staff healthy and fit to work. For this, he had made it compulsory for all the employees to join yoga sessions in the evening after work.

Also, the staff was very happy to join the Art of Living classes which acted as a booster at the end of the day after free from office work. But what is corporate yoga and if you are a corporate yoga teacher or own a studio how to market to companies is essential to understand.

What are corporate Yoga classes?

What is corporate yoga?
YOGAMIGOS corporate yoga and mindfulness sessions in progress.

Corporate yoga means those yoga classes that are taken to teach yoga to the employees of a company, or office or any business. This can be a large corporation or a small company. Here at corporate yoga, the company hires yoga teachers or a yoga studio for a specific period of time to teach yoga to its employees generally in their own office or company premises in a set timing. The corporate or company pays to the yoga studio or yoga teacher but offers free yoga sessions to its staff so that they are fit and healthy.

Corporate yoga is also known as yoga in the workplace and is very much in demand these days as more and more companies want to enroll themselves in yoga. If you are a yoga teacher or yoga studio owner teaching corporate yoga can bring you great name and fame and you also are paid well.

Why corporate look for yoga teachers?

Why corporate look for yoga teachers?
Yoga Synergy Teacher Training

Corporates or companies want yoga for their employees as a mentally and physically fit employee is full of energy, happy and more productive. If an employee is stressed or sick there is a decline in good production for the company and is thus a loss for them.

As yoga improves concentration and decision making skills the employee is fit enough to even take multi-task in the corporate environment.

Most of the office workers or those who work in the company especially those who work in computers or desk related jobs suffer from head, neck and back pain get relief doing yoga.

How to market corporate yoga?

If you are a yoga teacher or own a yoga studio you need to market corporate yoga to get more offers for yoga sessions or yoga events for the companies. A marketing strategy that promotes the positive attributes of yoga should resonate with executives who want to establish a corporate wellness program. You as a yoga teacher should plan a strategy for the corporate to get more clients in your favor.

Build a website

At KRIYA you can find why building a website is important

Build a website and then dedicate it to corporate yoga. You need to be regular in your website updating it with an interesting and informative blog post on benefits of yoga, group yoga sessions for the employees with good images and videos. As a yoga teacher you should motivate the companies to imbibe yoga in their company telling them the benefits of yoga that will help in their productivity with a stress-free environment. Also, you can give information on how a company can purchase stationary fitness equipment that employees can use when they want and thus get motivated to the fitness classes.

Here is how to build a website in 10 minutes at Squarespace

Note that selling to local companies will usually require a relentless commitment to marketing. As a yoga teacher, you may offer onsite instruction for private or group sessions. You can on your website add a bonus plan for a company like the company that can pay a portion or percentage of the class fee to you or to the employee directly to assist in the cost of a wellness program.  Also if the company doesn’t have much space or conference room to accommodate their staff you can offer their employees the yoga class at your studio for a discount.

Print marketing materials

You can easily send the marketing materials online to corporates

To get your corporate clients you need that companies to know that you teach corporate yoga. Print marketing materials or small posters that you can send the corporate through email or mail and tell them what service you provide for the company employees. You can use marketing materials such as direct mail, postcards, and newsletters to inform local executives about professional yoga instruction.

Including web-based testimonials from companies nearby may be used to help enhance a yoga teacher’s credibility. Here are tips for posters and flyers design for marketing your business.

Contact the companies

Yoga teacher resume sample
You can create your resume and contact the companies

You should make a list of companies around you or check them with your local phone or address directory. Take help from your friends and family who are well networked and/or would be willing to help you out. Join a like-minded community or other teachers who can help you out. Then start asking the people on your list where they work and if they think their company would be interested in offering corporate yoga classes as a wellness benefit to their employees.

Finally, get in contact with the right person to make that decision. Most of the time, this is a person in Human Resources or Corporate Wellness. Also, don’t be shy to approach the company directory or head of the department who may want to start or initiate something new for their employees.

The best way to contact the companies or corporate is through emails or post mails enveloping the printed material showing benefits of yoga along with your resume.

Find yoga teacher jobs at online sites

Many corporates post yoga teacher requirements at online sites

Many online job sites also list vacancies for corporate yoga teachers which you can benefit from. Local sites or sites like Craigslist find local, gumtree, Thumstack or LinkedIn and social media platforms are best to search for jobs in corporate settings. 

Also you can post your inquiry in yoga teacher groups, wellness groups, and look on online job boards. Print media or your local newspaper or local community can also be used to search for such opportunities.

Let the company know how you will teach

Yin Yang Yoga Sequence to teach

Not all the employees are willing to take your full yoga sessions. While some employees may exhibit a solo commitment toward a fitness routine, other employees may be too exhausted or too stressed to maintain a regular workout schedule.  So you need to let the corporate know how you will teach and for how many minutes. Employees don’t want to take your 60-minute class at a stretch but will be happy for 15 minutes in between sessions for mediation or a simple asana for relaxation.

Styles of yoga to teach

Build a Yoga Sequence for your class

A yoga boot camp targets those who are interested in a bit of cardio in tandem with stress relief. With so many styles of yoga out there, it may seem overwhelming to figure out what variety to provide. You can take a short survey of the corporate staff and find out what they prefer. You can start with a selection of slow Hatha, Ashtanga, restorative, or Yin, and also a Vinyasa class as these suit all levels.

Few breathing exercises, body cleansing, and other wellness components is an ideal marketing approach. Marketing the savings for hourly group sessions versus the average cost per session for individual participants might appeal to corporate executives too.  Best yoga sequencing app you can use for your class.

What all you need to understand before taking a corporate yoga class?


Remember it’s not just how to market corporate yoga, but also be prepared for what all the company might ask you like your corporate yoga rates, your experience in teaching yoga, the infrastructure needed to teach yoga like yoga mats or other items, space you will need to teach yoga, how many employees can you teach in a session.

Therefore be prepared and make a proposal for corporate yoga so that you can send them to al such businesses who contact you to teach yoga.

Also note that you don’t need any special training to teach corporate yoga as your standard 200-hour yoga teacher training is all you need. However, there are some slight differences between a studio class and a corporate class so make sure you prepare ahead of time.

When you are ready to take a corporate yoga class start with a beginner’s yoga sequence and them modify it to fit the group class. Always consider a short duration of the class and minimize teaching advances postures because no employee wants to do that level of yoga. They just want to relax and ease in the workplace.

The corporate yoga gigs are scheduled once a week over the lunch hour, very early, or late afternoon. Be comfortable with the time you decide upon together and fully commit. This can always be adjusted after a couple of months to best accommodate both parties. 

You can play your favorite yoga playlist to add more harmony to your class which surely employees will love. 

You may also require some paperwork or documentation for corporate yoga like a document laying out the activity, deliverables, and timeline for a vendor providing services to a client. Karen, at Bare Bones Yoga, provides a simple and straight-forward example in her article here.

Also, some sort of tax form reports various types of income, such as freelance work.

You may need liability Insurance as a teacher to protect yourself in the event of a lawsuit.

Also as said above draft up a professional-looking proposal that explains what you offer, the benefits to companies, pricing, terms, etc. Be sure to customize each proposal to include specifics that relate to the company at hand.

Finally, remember that corporate yoga is great fun both for students and teachers and you should be ready to deliver the best of your yoga teaching. You can add a real-life story to your teaching to add more creative and fun to ease your group. Also, corporate yoga teaching will prove your worth and add value to your profession. You will grow to name and fame and start getting referrals as well.

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