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This weekend, I tried helping one of my friends and a beautiful soul in finding a yoga studio job. He is a yoga teacher from South India who has recently settled in Australia. Finding a yoga studio job can be both easy as well as a bit tricky these days.

Easy because there is a significant rise in yoga studios in Australia and you will certainly find a yoga studio near you, this means you will find job opportunities or employment.

The tricky part in getting a yoga studio job is that you need to adjust or be flexible in finding the job near you. This means, suppose you have done yoga teacher training and you are not getting the right job, then either you can be flexible in joining a cover yoga job, yoga studio manager job or any other job associated with yoga for the time being till you get the right opportunity.

So, you see that there are certainly many viable pathways to earn a living through yoga, and you needn’t be dependent only on one kind of a job related to yoga.

Ms Schie a Kripalu yoga instructor taking a yoga class at Thornhill Employment Hub.

Many individuals looking to make a living through yoga often search for ‘Yoga studio jobs near me’. Quite easy is to type this phrase or keywords Yoga studio jobs near me in Google CareersIndeed, or one of the other top local job sites.

You can also use specific keywords like “yoga teacher,” “yoga instructor,” or “yoga receptionist” and your location to find listings near you. Certainly if you belong to a studio, you can check on possible openings.

The other way to find Yoga studio jobs near me is to ask your friends, join yoga forums, post your availability at social sites and get the job by reference.

Yoga jobs you can grab

Yoga Teacher

yoga teacher job
Teaching Yoga
  • Certifications:
    • RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher): This is a common designation for yoga teachers. There are multiple levels such as 200-hour, 300-hour, and 500-hour. They denote the length and depth of training.
    • Specialized Certifications: These can be for specific styles of yoga (like Ashtanga, Kundalini, or Iyengar) or specialized areas like prenatal yoga, senior yoga, or children’s yoga.
    • Advanced Yoga Training: After the initial 200-hour training, many teachers opt to go for the 300-hour or even 500-hour training to deepen their knowledge and teaching skills.
  • Training:
    • Workshops: Regular workshops can help a teacher refine their skills, learn new techniques, or get acquainted with the latest trends in the yoga world.
    • Retreats and Intensives: These are immersive experiences, often in different parts of the world, where yoga teachers can deepen their practice and understanding.
    • Continued Education Programs: The Yoga Alliance and other bodies often require continued learning for registered teachers. These can be in the form of online courses, in-person seminars, or workshops.
    • Mentorship Programs: Being mentored by an experienced yoga teacher can be an invaluable experience for new teachers. It provides guidance, feedback, and hands-on experience.
    • Anatomy and Physiology Courses: A deep understanding of human anatomy and how it relates to yoga can be crucial for ensuring safety and providing effective instruction.

The path of a yoga teacher is one of continuous learning. New styles, techniques, and methods emerge regularly, and staying updated not only enhances teaching quality but also ensures students get the best experience.

Because more and more yoga teachers graduate each year from yoga schools from Australia and around the globe after spending $2,000 – $6,000, they want the job of a yoga teacher.

But just getting a yoga teacher certification doesn’t mean it is easy to get the yoga teacher job.

You can start out teaching free classes or teach as a sub or cover at a yoga studio, and then gradually with experience in hand can get a more established yoga teacher’s job as a full-timer.

Yoga Studio Manager

yoga studio manager job
Yoga Studio Manager
  • Certifications:
    • Yoga Studio Management Course: Few organizations offer specialized courses to manage yoga studios.
    • Business Administration: General courses in business management or administration could also be helpful.
  • Training:
    • Customer Service Training: Essential to manage clients and offer impeccable service.
    • Operational Management Workshops: For understanding the daily operations of a yoga studio.

Many well known or established yoga studios want someone to manage their yoga studios. You can opt for this job if you have good communication skills, you are efficient in dealing with customers and manage things well.

Being a yoga studio manager is a challenging job which will help you learn the skills of a yoga business, find how to retain yoga students and yoga teachers and do some basic marketing of the yoga classes.

Event Organizer

yoga event jobs
Organize events
  • Certifications:
    • Event Management Certification: These courses cover logistical and creative fundamentals to organize successful events.
  • Training:
    • On-site Experience: Practical experience at yoga festivals or conventions can provide invaluable on-the-job learning.
    • Workshops on Digital Promotion: Given the rise in digital marketing, such workshops can help in promoting events widely.

Many yoga studios organize Yoga festivals or yoga events locally as well as at exotic tourist spots like Bali or Rishikesh India.

Each year Kundalini yoga society the 3HO Yoga organizes yoga Festival in various parts of the world or you must have heard of the famous Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud, Bali, to Wanderlust Yoga and Music festivals that are held in a variety of locations.

Thus if you’re interested in event production, you might enjoy working for one of these festivals.

This job though has lots of responsibility but is a well-paid job that gets you quite a name and fame in the event planning industry.

Yoga DJ

yoga dj jobs
Be a DJ
  • Certifications:
    • Sound Engineering: It can give insights into the technicalities of sound production.
    • Music Therapy: Understanding the therapeutic aspects of music can add a unique dimension to a yoga DJ’s repertoire.
  • Training:
    • Workshops on Music Composition: Enhances skills to curate or create music for yoga sessions.
    • Internship under Renowned Yoga DJs: Gaining firsthand experience can be immensely beneficial.

Most of the yoga studios have music in their yoga classes or have yoga music festivals where they need a DJ. Many of the yoga classes and yoga teachers prefer to play music during their yoga lessons to relieve the stress out of their yoga students and to build a soothing yoga environment.

“Hip-hop yoga” has even been trademarked, and many large classes, workshops, festivals, and retreats feature DJs that drop unique beats to accompany the yoga flow.

One popular name is MC Yogi, who has made a name for himself mixing music made specifically for yoga. Also, many yoga DJs have produced their own yoga music albums which sell in large numbers.

Yoga Therapist

yoga therapist job
Yoga Therapy
  • Certifications:
    • Professional Yoga Therapy Certification: It focuses on applying yoga therapy to various conditions and populations.
    • IAYT Certification (International Association of Yoga Therapists): Recognized globally, this certification lends credibility and acknowledges the competence of professionals in yoga therapy.
  • Training:
    • Advanced Yoga Therapy Training Programs: These are often post-200 or 500-hour teacher training and delve deep into therapeutic applications of yoga.
    • Clinical Internships: Practical experience in clinical settings can also be advantageous.

It’s not necessary that you need to find a yoga studio job. If you want you can look for the job of Yoga Therapist as well. Yoga therapists often work in community health centers, rehabilitation clinics, or physical therapy offices, though some may open their own private practice.

You can join the right yoga therapy program for you once you have completed your yoga teacher training. This includes yoga research and scientific studies to illustrate how yoga not only brings a general sense of well-being but can also help with many illnesses as well as injuries. 

Yoga therapy offers yoga designed to meet individual needs. According to the Australian Association of Yoga Therapists, it empowers and supports individuals to manage their own health using the principles of Yoga and applying a range of Yoga practices developed within a professional therapeutic relationship.

Even several universities offer advanced degrees in yoga therapy and yoga science. You can do this course at:

Yoga Sales Man or Woman

yoga sales man job
Sales Person
  • Certifications:
    • Sales and Marketing Courses: Understanding the nuances of sales can be pivotal.
    • Public Relations Certification: For those wanting to represent major yoga brands.
  • Training:
    • Soft Skill Development Workshops: Skills like effective communication and negotiation can be enhanced through targeted workshops.
    • Product Knowledge Seminars: To gain an in-depth understanding of products they’re selling or representing.

Don’t be surprised that there are jobs of yoga salesman or retailers. Yoga studios of repute offer their own lines of athletic clothing purposed for yoga, and there has also been an up rise of smaller brands designing unique yoga wear lines, yoga accessories and other yoga products like food and beverages.

You must have heard of brand apparel for yoga Lululemon or Divine goddess or flow yoga wear in Australia

These stores also offer yoga salesman job. Many yoga studios have their own yoga apparel in house production and even offers internship programs for students looking to get a head start in the yoga sales business.

Yoga Studio Receptionist

Yoga Studio Receptionist
  • Certifications:
    • Front Desk Operations Course: Some institutes offer specialized courses for front desk operations.
    • Computer Literacy Certification: As many studios use management software.
  • Training:
    • Customer Interaction Workshops: Enhances interpersonal skills to interact with clients effectively.
    • Training on Studio-specific Software: If a studio uses proprietary software, understanding its functionality is essential.

Yoga Studio Receptionist job is to deal with Yoga Studio customers, you can get this job if you want to build a career in the studio. You need to be friendly, communicative and have a pleasing personality.

You will have to handle all the admin work at the studio like attending phone calls and make sure that everyone’s schedules are on track, keeping on top of everything that makes the business run smoothly.

If the yoga studio uses any management system that works online like KRIYA software, you can then work on that too in scheduling the classes in time, and fix the class timetable.

Click here to find out more about Yoga Studio Receptionist

Yoga Brand Ambassador

yoga brand ambassador
Brand Ambassador

You can even work as a Yoga brand ambassador for a yoga studio or for yoga-related products or services, whether it be a new health drink, yoga mat, or yoga wear. Many brand ambassadors run booths or demos at yoga festivals, studio openings, and other yoga-related events. 

For this job post, you can find job listings online or check the websites of yoga products and services to find a career as a Yoga brand ambassador.

Finally, if you have the yoga business skills and can afford a studio you can yourself be a yoga studio owner. You can have a small business at the start or open a  large studio in a partnership. Though the competition is tough as there are literally hundreds of yoga studios within city bounds.

But, if you happen to live in a small city where there are few yoga studios you can start your own business. Here are 12 tips to start your yoga business.

You can even think of producing your own custom yoga mats, yoga apparel or food and drinks remember all you need is an idea, to make something out of yoga.

Yoga Studio Jobs Sydney

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Also, you can contact various yoga studios near you and submit your resume in case any opportunity arrives. Another way is to join the social yoga forums and ask for recommendations.

Ask your yoga friends, visit various yoga festivals and volunteer yourself and find any yoga jobs on offer. Remember it takes courage to seek.

Good luck!

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