Silent Meditation Retreats In Australia
Silent Meditation Retreats In Australia

Silent meditation retreats are those meditation retreats where you are taught to remain silent for a certain period of time. Also known as “silent fasting”.

In silent meditation retreats you do silent meditation to focus on your inner self or inner energy. This type of meditation retreats can range from few days to week or month also.

Silent meditation retreats in Australia

1. Happy Buddha Retreats

  • Address: 50 Railway Parade, Wentworth Falls NSW 2782
  • Phone: +61 492 930 880
Happy Buddha Retreat
Happy Buddha Retreat
Happy Buddha – 3 Day Silent RetreatWhat they offer
Silent meditation retreat in the Blue Mountains NSWMeditation
Stress Tolerance
Mindful movements and guided seated meditation
Yoga Nidra
Yin Yoga

2. Yoga Physio

  • Address: Byron Bay Sydney
  • Phone: 0422 952 099
Yoga Physio
Yoga Physio
Yoga Physio – 3 to 4 Day Silent RetreatWhat they offer
Silent Meditation and Yoga Retreat – Springbrook, Gold Coast hinterland QLDYoga postures (asana) and breathing (pranayama) practices
Tantric Dance

3. Sunnataram Forest Monastery

  • Address: 225 Teudts Road, Bundanoon NSW 2578
  • Phone: 02 4884 4262
Sunnataram Forest Monastery
Sunnataram Forest Monastery
Sunnataram Forest Monastry- 3 Days Silent RetreatWhat they offer
Sunnataram Forest MonasteryPali chanting
Breathing technique (Anapanasati)
Loving-kindness (Metta)
Contemplation on body & mind
Four Foundation of Mindfulness (Satipattana)
Insight Meditation (Vipassana).

4. Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre

  • Address: 25 Rutland Rd, Medlow Bath NSW 2780, Australia
  • Phone:+61 2 4788 1024
Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains Insight Meditation
Blue Mountains Insight Meditation – 9 Day RetreatWhat they offer
Insight Retreat at Blue Mountains Insight Meditation centreMeditation

5. Art of Living

  • Address: Various Locations in Australia
  • Phone:+61 430208328​
Art of Living
Art of Living
Art of Living – 3 to 4 Days Silent RetreatWhat they offer
Mount Helena Learning and Retreat Centre, 1540 Bunning Road, Mt Helena

Hunter valley Retreat, 626 Sandy Creek Rd, Quorrobolong, NSW,
Guided meditations called “Hollow and Empty”
Mudras and Advanced Pranayama
Holistic Living

6. Soul Journey

  • Address: 10 Noble St, Bullaburra NSW 2784, Australia
  • Phone: 0405 216 105
Soul Journey Retreats
Soul Journey Retreats
Soul Journey – 2 to 3 days Silent RetreatWhat they offer
167 Watagans Road, Martinsville, New South WalesSilent Meditation
Mind Exploration
Deep Relaxation

7. Mindfulness Training Institute

  • Address: Locations in Australia & New Zealand
  • Phone: 0435 049 383
Mindfulness Training Institute
Mindfulness Training Institute
Mindfulness Training Institute – 5 to 7 days Silent RetreatWhat they offer
MTI Silent Retreat – Bowral, NSW, AustraliaInsight (Vipassana ) meditation
Stress Reduction
Quieting of Mind
Cognitive Therapy

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What you need for a Silent Meditation Retreats?

  1. You need to be quiet and silent.
  2. Avoid talking about your problems.
  3. Wear Modest clothing
  4. Switch off cell phones or mobiles
  5. Be Punctual

What to expect in a Silent Meditation Retreats?

  • Vegetarian Food
  • Will have to do selfless service
  • Prayers, Chanting, Rituals
  • Silent Meditation
  • Sitting on floor for hours

Advantages of Silent Meditation Retreats

  • Learn Tolerance and Compassion
  • Stress free Life
  • Help you balance your emotions
  • Detox your body
  •  Release muscle tension
  • Know your inner energy
  • Become more joyful and mindful
  • Mindful eating


Silent Meditation Retreats is a challenge to test your ability to remain silent from outer world and focus on your inner self.

It’s a way to improve your overall body and mind by calming your emotions and leading a stress free life. Through meditation your brain becomes more efficient to work.

Silent retreats are not a holiday but knowing yourself and have clarity in your existence.


Q1. What is a Silent Meditation Retreat?

Silent Meditation Retreats are meditations where you observe silence for few days and connect to your inner self.

Q2. What happens during a silent meditation retreat?

As you practice various meditations here, you engage in multiple sessions of meditation throughout the day, interspersed with breaks for meals, rest, and personal time.

Q3. Do I need prior meditation experience to attend a silent retreat?

While prior meditation experience is not always required, many silent retreats cater to participants with some level of familiarity with meditation practices.

Q4. Is silence strictly enforced during the retreat?

Yes, silence is typically a fundamental aspect of silent meditation retreats. Participants are encouraged to refrain from speaking with each other and from engaging in other forms of communication, such as gestures or written notes.

Q5. How will I benefit?

You will have greater clarity of mind, increased emotional resilience, enhanced mindfulness, and a deeper sense of inner peace and connection.

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