Which is the best yoga studio management software in Australia?

Being a yoga enthusiast and a social person I often visit many yoga studios in India and abroad. Two of my favourite studios that I often love to visit is of Biggy my friend’s studio in Sydney and other is Nirmal Studio at Rishikesh India. Biggy’s studio is a small yoga startup where as Nirmal Studio is a large studio where hundreds of yogis and trainers come to learn and be a part of their yoga programs. Nirmal studio also offers yoga retreats and this is quite attractive to international clients who want some cool yoga at the banks of river Ganges in India.

Biggy on the other hand is still struggling to get its yoga business reach to more people where as Nirmal studio owner always wants more manpower to handle the load of all the yoga bookings.  This shows both lack a proper yoga management and are burdened with the stress of running the business all smooth. But both are still wondering as which is the best way to deal with it. Obviously the solution is to have a management tool or software that fits to their studio’s requirements and demands. To help them out as well as to guide yoga studios in Australia, I did some research to find which booking software actually is the best for all yoga business as well as yoga students.

Which is the best yoga studio management software in Australia?

If you search the Google, you will find that there are so many yoga studio management software having the great and useful features to run a yoga business.

You need to check that the best yoga studio management software should include the following features:

Manage Your Yoga Class Schedules and Process the Payments

compare the best yoga studio management software in Australia

This is the foremost feature that every yoga studio management software should include in their program. You as a yoga studio owner should be able to manage your classes, schedule your yoga sessions according to your timetable, as well as get a safe and reliable payment system. All these features should be accessible on all of the platforms like Mobile app, PC or Laptop so that this helps manage your business instantly with the click of few taps.

You can then easily schedule and cancel yoga classes, view students profiles and activity, and manage payments all in one place. When you do this with such tool all that information is automatically updated and synced across all of your accounts and devices, informing you at once of all the changes and updates that have been made.

Also such feature in a best yoga studio management software is even tailored specifically for students where they can manage their own profiles and book or cancel their yoga classes as well as pay accordingly.

 Get Automated Yoga Marketing

Yoga studio management software in Australia

The next important feature in a best yoga studio management software is to get automated yoga marketing. Running a yoga studio is a business after all and you need to do marketing of your service to get more clients.  The best yoga studio management software will ideally provide you with automated marketing services. This means you don’t have to rush here and there on different platforms or media channels to spread your word but a simple program or software that helps you with marketing all at once place.

You will get to customize your own marketing campaign for your studio’s needs with a variety of options. Many yoga studio management software and booking systems even offer custom email template so that you can easily write and send your marketing or sponsored emails to new and existing clients. You can even start an online campaign for yoga students and teachers so that they also give you valuable feedback to run your business with more confidence. This way you can increase your client retention where automatically the yoga management software tool can send push notifications to students and offer them pass or membership choices so that they are motivated to join your studio. Such kind of automated yoga marketing can keep your students engage to your studio.

Avail Customer Support

Kriya Yoga booking software

Customer support is also a must feature for any of the best yoga studio management software. The software should understand you and your business needs and offer you help whenever you need to handle your yoga business. Be it processing of payments, general guide to use the software and tools, navigation problems or some technical issues when you or students face using the yoga studio management software, customer help should be availed to you at all times. Offering friendly support also builds trust between you and your management software tool so that you both can create a bond together in running a business. Such trustworthy help will meet all your needs if you want your yoga studio to succeed.

Reasonable Pricing

Kriya low cast booking software for yoga

If best yoga studio management software offers you automatically to streamline your business as all operations in one place, it should also offer you affordable pricing with no contracts. In fact cost effectiveness is one important factor when you start a yoga business and a good management software should handle the pricing accordingly.  The most cost effective options in the market with plans starting from $25 are considered the best reasonable rates for any yoga management and booking software.

Easy Navigation

yoga booking

Easy navigation is also important feature to be found in best yoga studio management software, You don’t want to waste your time fidgeting with the software and don’t know which tab works for what. The navigation of the software should be simple providing a guide to learn how to use it. A video guide is also useful when it comes for a yoga studio owner who is a layman in technicality. Same goes for yoga students who want to use this software for booking their classes and pay online. You came to use yoga management software to accomplish your marketing needs, manage client retention, analyze your data, rather than spending hours on how to do it. The software should make you aware of the features and options provided in the navigation of the tools in easy and simple language across all devices.

Some of the other features that makes a yoga studio management software the best are online store options, integration with your websites, cloud computing and many more.

Compare the best yoga studio management software in Australia

The best way to compare the best yoga studio management software in Australia is to find its advantages and disadvantages. Here are the five top rated the best yoga studio management software in Australia to compare and then understand which of the Yoga management and booking system works best for you.

1. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity scheduling

Advantages: Acuity scheduling is easy to use software that offers good interface and is available on a variety of platforms. Is user friendly where you can even sync with Multiple Calendars, Creating Multiple “Groups,” & Email Reminders. It also has syncing Feature for Quick support service and offers unlimited customer intake form customization with customer support.

Disadvantages: The main disadvantage with this software is that it offers no weekend support. Also the free subscriber options are limited. You will have to pay to get the full service, but you cannot pay to add-on single aspects of a service.

2. Punch pass

Punch Pass

Advantages: This booking system is simple and straight forward to use. Useful more for students as gives totals of passes sold, so helps with the books. Client love that they get emails when they need to make another purchase.

Disadvantages: There are less of features like there is no reporting dashboard. Customer service is not friendly.


Kriya Yoga Booking software in Australia

Advantages: KRIYA booking system blends with both Yoga teachers and Yoga Students and make it beneficial as a business and as a service. It offers the most advanced marketing tools at the lowest cost. Software and bookings are easy to navigate saving your time. Best to add special events, retreats and workshops and customize the way you want with full freedom. You can use a wide range of payment gateways like Stripe. Also very low cost where you pay only for what you use, when you use it. Moreover best for local and small yoga studios specifically for Australia yoga studios.

Disadvantages: Is new booking software and yet to build trust among yoga studios.

4. Mindbody

Mindbody software

Advantages: Is reliable because of its popularity. Their app works well even with reports. Is dynamic in design and is quite adaptable. You can easily make appointments scheduling, email confirmations and get easy access.

Disadvantages: Is quite costly , over priced and not all effective to new and small yoga studios. On the app for students/clients, the “Explore” feature is less intuitive than it used to be. Processing times are never the same and even contact integration is not accurate. Customer service is worst. Inability to capture credit card info from the client at booking, integration with the website is clunky, high monthly cost, the app doesn’t require the client to enter a phone number, SMS alerts to staff are only possible when the client has opted in to also receive SMS appointment notifications.

5. Nabooki

Nabooki software

Advantages: Best for medium yoga studios and is easy to use. Also the post sales customer service is the best also you can customize the booking the way you want.

Disadvantages: Not much time saving when using it with phone. No display of calendar for customers to select from. Some features have few glitches.

Now after comparison you can decide the best yoga studio management software in Australia that you need for your Yoga studio. Remember that you need to think about your studio needs and then decide which is more effective for you. Local and small yoga startups need a cost effective booking software and a large yoga studio obviously wants more features, 24. 7 help support and reasonable pricing. Many yoga studio owners who have been in this business for a long time have switched to many new best yoga studio management software in Australia because they want to stick to their budget as well as have new features. If you still are in doubt then the best way is to get the feedback of the yoga studio owners in Australia who are using such software and they might guide you with the relevant information.

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