7 Top Qualities That Will Make You a Perfect Cover Yoga Teacher

Are you willing to become a cover yoga teacher? Well, it’s easier to say than really taking a step forward to become a cover teacher. But if you are confident in yourself and know the skill of teaching yoga, no one can stop you from becoming a cover teacher.

Recently I went to a Yoga studio in a remote part of Australia, Melrose in SA. Though the school was well equipped with infrastructure, and there was great yoga studios both for indoor and outdoor class, one thing that the yoga studio owner lamented to me was that she was short of Yoga teachers.

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There are less than 10 yoga studios here and this shows that the demand and supply for yoga teachers differs from place to place. But what about places around Coogee Beach, where there are hundreds of yoga teachers? When we analyze this scenario we can realize the fact that cover yoga teachers are much in demand at places where there are more Yoga studios and a yoga instructor urgently wants a cover or substitute to take over her or his class. 

When are cover yoga teachers much in demand?

Yoga cover teachers

Interesting question and the answer most of you know. Obviously the demand for cover yoga teacher rises during holiday season when some yoga teachers or owners might need you to cover a class. Also many yoga studio owners are themselves yoga instructors and organize yoga retreats to far off places, even to distant countries like India or Indonesia. Then they need a substitute teacher to look after their class in their absence when they are away for the retreat or yoga trip.

Also yoga substitute teacher (cover teacher) is in demand when there is overflow of yoga students and studios need an helping hand.

Being a yoga cover teacher is really thus a challenge on offer to accept a yoga class all of a sudden where you meet new faces which are yoga students and you don’t know how they will react to your training and lessons.

Should you go forward to become a cover yoga teacher?

Finding a yoga cover teacher Australia

Kriya Software team recommends yes, you should go forward to become a cover yoga teacher. Asking why, then here are the benefits we were told when we spoke with some cover teachers in Australia.

  • Being a cover teacher is a great way to get yoga teaching experience
  • You get to understand what the potential yoga students demand in class.
  • You can get a permanent position if you perform well as doing this favor for a supply teacher one day they might return to you and offer you a class that they are ready to let go of.
  • Being a cover teacher builds your own reputation and identity in Yoga industry.
  • Besides name and fame you also get to earn something.

7 Top Qualities That Will Make You a Perfect Cover Yoga Teacher

Now that you are all ready to get set go, here are the 7 top qualities that will make you a perfect cover Yoga teacher

1. Know how to plan a Yoga sequence

Yoga Sequence Planner

As we have discussed in our previous blog post how to create a yoga sequence for your yoga class, similarly any cover instructor needs to do the same if you are called at the last minute to take a yoga cover. This quality needs planning and a bit of research so that you know beforehand how you are going to move forward with your lesson in class.

You can put it in a simple format with no difficult lessons. Simply begin with a few minutes of meditation for any Vinyasa yoga cover or Ashtanga yoga, or if you are becoming a cover for a Kriya yoga or Kundalini Yoga you can start by simply chanting mantras to energize your students.

Next begin with a short warm up yoga exercise or move into sun salutations.

Then follow your standing, sitting or balancing poses and other asanas as instructed by the main teacher of the class.

Remember you can be unique in your yoga sequence and present the yoga lesson in your way with your modifications to the existing class but with the same flow to the energy, time, and response from the students.

2. Be energetic and vibrant

Yoga cover Australia

Well, yoga teachers job is to be energetic and vibrant but this quality is required for a cover teacher a well. It doesn’t also mean that you are over vibrant with flashy clothes or in your attitude. But this means that you don’t have to be dull in class. As a cover teacher the students are keen to know you at first hand. So introduce yourself before you begin the class and have a short interactive session with students asking them what kind of yoga is their favorite or how they feel after a yoga class.  These answers will surely help you creating a better class in a friendly way.

3. Show your own learning and experience

Yoga learning and booking software

Many cover yoga teachers copy the main yoga teacher. The thing here is that copying is not bad if it fulfills the goal but being your own self and showing your own learning and experience will showcase your ability to perform uniquely.

As a cover, you also know yoga and have done all the basic training acquiring skills to various yoga poses, so why to be afraid. Have confidence to face the class with your own learning method. Students will love the change and remember you even after you have left them. Just think the students as your own and give them the same feeling as you would have done if you were the master of the class. Like if you love to call them by their nicknames, do it, or use humor to make the yoga session a bit more exciting. If there is space around your yoga studio you can even take one outdoor yoga session within the premises for a change. These are just an ideas to be your ownself and unique.

4. Accept one and all

Yoga students

This is very important quality any yoga cover should have. As you know any class can have various types of students. Some may be thrilled to learn from you and few may yearn for their in house yoga teacher and might not show any interest in your lesson. But you need to have that quality and temperament to accept one and all. You are not here to build any intimate relation with any one. You should remember you are a teacher and your job is to make your students learn something. So don’t be biased in class and show more interest in one student and ignore the others. Even if a student wants to learn from their own teacher remember that ultimate students are the ones who will finally decide whether you were good or bad. Their feedback plays an important role in your future endeavors and yoga career.

5. Be cautious and caring

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As yoga is related to physical exercise you need to be extra cautious and caring for your class and students. A great yoga teacher will watch their students, making sure no one is going to get injured and that everything is executed properly.

You should not sit at one place in the class and order your instructions but keep moving in the class as the student perform their poses and see whether their bending, twisting or any other movement in the body is in the correct order and form. A wrong pose or alignment of the body can risk to injury or pain. You can sometimes make simple adjustments when needed so that the class is running smoothly under your care.

6. Be an avid learner

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Yes, this is what you have just read. Be an Avid Learner. You are a cover teacher but that doesn’t mean you cannot learn anything. It is generally believed that a teacher never stops learning. When you are a new yoga teacher, covering will give you great insights into teaching. You will have exposure to study and learn more for one hour of this cover class.

This is a valuable opportunity, to practice your teaching and learn more. Also as a regular teacher, you get this opportunity to experience and refresh your teaching. Many times students also give us many new ideas to explore and learn.

 7. Put your ego at home

Yoga class cover teacher

Remember that you are here to be a cover teacher and a substitute for the main teacher. Don’t show your ego to students or the main teacher. Think of this as an opportunity to explore and learn new things and practice your yoga skills. If you are having some ego problem then no matter how qualified you are it’s useless to take up yoga in your life.

You must understand that you are here for a few days or months acting as a cover and you need to show your best in a friendly atmosphere so that you can be recognized differently. If you are stubborn to listen to your class or follow the rules that the main teacher advised you then you are failing in your goal.

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Thinking of now becoming a cover Yoga teacher, follow the above qualities and imbibe them in your actions and thoughts.

Where to find a cover yoga teacher?

Yoga cover teacher sydney

If you are a regular yoga teacher and want to find a yoga cover for your class then best way is to advertise it for. Here are the following ways to get a good cover teacher:

  • Ask from your social circle or friends
  • Get recommendations from other yoga studios and teachers
  • Join various Yoga forums at social sites like Facebook and ask them to help you out
  • Download the Yoga cover app on your iOS mobile and search for a yoga cover teacher. Download here for Android phones.
  • Ask from various Australian yoga teacher training centres or institutes.
  • Click here to find one from Australia yoga teacher training center
  • Click here for yoga teacher training Australia that have many new teachers who are willing to do cover.

How to find a substitute or cover yoga job?

Substitute cover yoga teacher in Australia

Similarly if you want to become a cover yoga teacher then you can also follow the above ways to get a class.

  • Advertise yourself at various job sites or yoga journals
  • Use the yoga cover app and list yourself as a cover teacher
  • Ask for volunteer positions as a substitute and be known among the yoga instructors and yoga studios so that they can recommend you.
  • Promote yourself on social media and post flyers in your community. If you live somewhere where there is no demand for yoga covers then try starting your yoga class.
  • There are many places adding yoga to their wellness repertoires like hospitals, schools, or wellness centers and they also need yoga teachers for few months or days. So approach such places as well.
  • Go to a yoga retreat yourself or attend any yoga workshop and show your yoga skills for future considerations.

There are many ways to become a Yoga cover if you really are a committed person. Nothing will stop you if you approach with confidence and positive attitude.

Finally, remember that each day is different in our lives and we are all learners wanting to be perfect. Thus covering a yoga class is a well-respected position that will take you to great heights in the field of yoga teaching when you work diligently.

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