Where to buy singing bowls in Australia

Singing bowls in Australia are used in Zen yoga, Yin Yang yoga or meditation yoga classes. Singing bowls play a specific role and are used as a technique where sound waves and harmonic vibrations harmonize the body, mind and soul. Also known as sound healing this tradition is generally used in Asian and South Asian countries where soothing sound helps to relax your mind and brain and help you heal taking away all the stress in your life.

In a yoga studio, singing bowls can be used and there are different types of singing bowls often made of certain metals like brass, copper, iron or a mixture of metals or alloys etc. The size of the bowls depends on your class size. Some are small durable and easy to handle and a few are large bowls with large gongs or mallets used in Buddhist temples.

How does singing bowl work?

how does singing bowl work
You need proper training to use singing bowls

As a yoga teacher, you would incorporate a group of bowls and strike them each in a specific area to create a ringing sound. Each bowl has a different frequency and each frequency affects the body differently, providing healing and deep relaxation.

Buddhist monks have used Tibetan singing bowls in meditation practice. Using a special mallet, you circle the ring of the bowl with pressure to create a singing sound. You can also tap the bowl with the mallet to create a tone. Each vibration has a purported different effect on the body.

It might sound simple to do but as a yoga teacher, you need proper training to create perfect sound or play any bowl. Note that sound healing will help you to understand what each bowl does to the body and attune your offering from there.

In a 2017 observational study conducted on the effects of singing bowls, it was found that singing bowls help you reduce stress, tension, anger, anxiety and depression.

Things to look for before purchasing singing bowls

  • Before you purchase any singing bowls whether of metal or crystal bowls understand for what purpose you need.
  • Different types of signing bowls emit different tones causing different sounds and vibrations around your body.
  • You also need a mallet to use with the bowl which you need to buy.
  • As a first time user its better to start with smaller bowls in a yoga class may be five to six inch bowl. Not only are these bowls more cost-effective, but they emit a nice, high sound, are portable, and easy to practice on.
  • There are many different kinds of singing bowls. In fact, some researchers have identified as many as 50 different styles of singing bowls. However, most singing bowl dealers narrow their shop offerings down to seven or eight basic styles.
  • Different bowls are also tailored to different keys which are linked to each of the seven chakras so it’s important to consider what exactly you’re hoping to gain from using singing bowls.
  • Authentic, antique singing bowls will be at least 100 years old, while others can be hundreds of years old.
  • Older bowls can be distinguished by their shape, markings, metal thickness, as well as the tone produced.
  • Crystal bowls are new age and not considered to be antique singing bowls
  • Singing bowls originated from Tibet Nepal, India and Mongolia so find the authentic one.

Where to buy singing bowls in Australia?

You can buy singing bowls in Australia at physical store or at online store.

Online stores to buy singing bowls in Australia

1. Amazon Australia

Singing Bowls Amazon Australia
Singing Bowls Amazon Australia

There are different kinds of bowls available here. The prices may vary. You can choose according to your budget or for what purpose you need. Like a  Chakra Tuned Set of 7 Moldavite Fusion Crystal Singing Bowls 8-10 inch with Heavy Duty Carrying Cases and Singing Bowl costs you $4,929. It is made of very high purity quartz high quality suede striker heavy duty padded sponge heavy duty silky canvas fabric silicon rubber ring. The moldavite fused crystal singing bowls set includes 10” C,D,E,F and 8” G,A, B notes crystal singing bowls, The crystal singing bowl set comes with 4 heavy duty carrying cases for dual 10 inch and 8 inch crystal singing bowls.

If you are looking for a single bowl then find ZenBless large Tibetan singing bowl set 5.5 inch black handmade meditation sound bowls with mallet and cushion for meditate Yoga Chakra healing and relaxation. This bowl cost $96.
Simply browse the singing bowls you want and buy the one you seem good for you.

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2. eBay Australia

Singing Bowls eBay Australia
Singing Bowls eBay Australia

You can also search eBay for singing bowls. Again the prices vary according to the type of bowl you choose to buy.  As an example the full moon singing bowl set of 7 – Chakra Note frequency tuned bowls Healing set costs $555 each. Crystal bowls are cheaper and CVNC 8 inch B crown chakra purple colored crystal singing bowl with rubber mallet costs $129.

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3. Etsy Australia

Singing Bowls etsy Australia
Singing Bowls Etsy Australia

Another online site to buy singing bowls in Australia is Etsy. Here you can find bowls of various shapes and sizes starting from $20 and can go up to $500. Etsy has Tibetan singing bowls within budget and you can have from one single bowl to 7 chakra note tuning bowls as well.

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4. Tibet Shop Sydney

Tibet Shop Sydney
Tibet Shop Sydney

Tibet Shop Sydney has many wonderful varities of singing bowls of high quality which are hand hammered and polished Himalayan singing bowls.  According to their site each bowl has been carefully selected by experienced and trained practitioners with excellent attention to details.

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5. Buddha Shop Australia

Buddha Shop Australia
Buddha Shop Australia

Buddha Shop Australia has exotic Tibetan singing  healing bowl has a beautiful design with etched mantra and Tibetan symbols. The bowls have a beautiful tone with great resonance and very long lasting sound when struck with the gong striker. Many offers here include free delivery as well as two strikers free.

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Few other sites where you can buy singing bowls in Australia are as follows:

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Finally, remember that all the singing bowls come with instructions on how to use them and how to take care of them. If you are not trained to use it it’s better to get professional training as the wrong way to use it might have adverse effects.

Singing bowls cause sound vibrations around your body which may not be recommended for people with certain conditions. Also, pregnant women should avoid this sound therapy.

It needs lots of practice to get perfection in singing bowls as you start to strike it on the inner or outer rim. You will then come to know the different sound points of the bowl and which sounds the body is most receptive to. Good Luck!

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