What Is Cupping And Where Can You Learn In Australia

Cupping Therapy in Australia is a cupping therapy where cups are used for treatment to cure orthopedic pain or release stress in your body. Also, cupping is a technique to cure some of the painful diseases.

According to Yogapedia, “Cupping is an ancient Chinese alternative therapy which involves placing cups on the skin and then creating a vacuum through heat or suction to draw up the tissue and blood. Proponents believe that the increased blood speeds healing”.

Note that Cupping is not a direct type of yoga but a traditional way to cure and heal your pain.

How cupping is done?

To take cupping therapy you need to find a physiotherapy or fitness centre where a therapist puts special cups on your skin where you have pain for a few minutes to create suction. The cups are of various sizes and are made of glass, wood, plastic, silicone or simple clay. Your therapist will then place these cups where you have pain to increase blood flow giving you a deep tissue massage to heal your pain.

Cupping is done either in dry format or in wet format. Also, Fire cupping and Oil cupping are practiced in most of the studios.

How cupping is done
Many therapist do cupping by using a rubber pump instead of fire to create the vacuum inside the cup.

In the cupping method the therapist creates vacuum by putting a flammable substance such as alcohol, herbs, or paper in a cup and set it on fire. When the fire goes out, they put the cup upside down on your skin. As the air inside the cup cools, it creates a vacuum. This causes your skin to rise and redden as your blood vessels expand. Also many use oil to create the vacuum. The cup is generally left in place for up to 3 minutes.

Wet cupping creates a mild suction by leaving a cup in place for about 3 minutes. The therapist then removes the cup and uses a small scalpel to make light, tiny cuts on your skin. Next, they do a second suction to draw out a small quantity of blood. Some people also get “needle cupping,” in which the therapist first inserts acupuncture needles and then puts cups over them.

Many therapist do cupping by using a rubber pump instead of fire to create the vacuum inside the cup. When using silicone cups, therapist can move from place to place on your skin for a massage-like effect.

Not more than 3 or 5 cups are used in first session and not more than 5 minutes of time.

Benefits of cupping

Benefits of cupping
Helps to reduce pain in body and relaxes your muscles

Cupping is commonly used on the back, neck and shoulders. By adjusting the size of the cups, this therapy can be used almost anywhere on the body including the feet and face.

The benefits include:

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Massage of deep tissues
  • Drains fluid
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Breaks up and expels congestion
  • Pulls blood supply to the skin
  • Dispels wind, damp and cold to treat muscle and joint pain, stiffness and arthritis
  • Strengthens the immune system by promoting the flow of lymphatic fluid
  • Cleans blood and lymph and helps to balance pH levels

Risk factors of Cupping

Though cupping therapy is safe but not yet proven for long term benefits. Also one should take cupping from a trained professional. After cupping you will find mild discomfort, burns, bruises, skin infection.

If the cups and equipment become contaminated with blood and are not sterilized correctly between patients, bloodborne diseases such as hepatitis B and C can be spread.

The therapist should apply an antibiotic ointment and bandage to prevent infection. Your skin should look normal again within 10 days.

How much does cupping cost?

Cupping therapy in Australia is priced similarly to a traditional massage session. It can range from $30 to $150 depending on the duration of the session and the practitioner being used. At spas, cupping is sometimes offered as an added service to a traditional massage for an extra $5 to $15 on top of the massage price. Cick here to find the price of cupping in Australia.

What are the best studios that offer Cupping therapy in Australia?

Ben and Biao
Ben and Biao Studio

Find here the list of studios offering cupping therapy in Australia

Also visit following centres or studios to get this therapy:

1. Ben&Biao

2. Sports Med

3. Wayne Massage

4. Muscle Therapy Australia

5. Sydney Acupuncture

6. Massage Myo Therapy

Where can you learn cupping therapy in Australia?

Melbourne Institute of Massage
Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy

If you are a working fitness therapist physiotherapist or acupressure therapist, you are fit to learn cupping therapy in Australia. You can do this as a side course to enhance your learning in the field of fitness or medicine or learn as an add-on to your professional skills. 

To practice cupping as a therapist you need to ensure you acquire proper training before including this modality into your scope of practice.

Interested to Yin Yoga Teacher Training! Find more about it here.

The prices of the course varies from studio to studio. Generally it may range between $1000- $2000.

The Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy and Myotherapy (MIMT) provides a wide range of massage courses to meet any of your requirements including Cupping therapy. They offer various such courses which might be beneficial to you and they include from diploma courses to advanced and postgraduate courses.

Australian Institute of Fitness’ Diploma of Remedial Massage offers this kind of course in Australia  allowing graduates to work as Remedial Massage Therapists across a range of industries from professional sports to rehabilitation. You can call them at 1300 669 669 or enquire here to know more about the course.

Here are more of the training centres where you can learn cupping:

  1. QA Academy
  2. Thysol
  3. Health Traditions
  4. Curaco

Online courses are provided by:

  1. Courses for success
  2. Art of Touch
  3. Manual Medicine

and various others


Q1. Who can do cupping course?

Cupping courses can be done by any graduate. But it’s more beneficial to studio owners who are giving some form of therapy like Acupuncturists, Chiropractors., Massage therapists, Medical doctors and Physical therapists.

Q2. Is cupping a yoga?

Directly cupping is not yoga. Yoga is also a type of therapy that uses yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and guided imagery to improve mental and physical health. Many yoga studios have started providing cupping. Some local trainers say combining two recovery techniques – yoga and cupping – can maximize your performance and results.

Q3. Who started cupping?

Cupping dates back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures. One of the oldest medical textbooks in the world, the Ebers Papyrus, Egyptians used cupping therapy in 1,550 B.C.

Q4. What is needle cupping?

Needle cupping is where the therapist first inserts acupuncture needles and then puts cups over them.

Q5. Do I have to ask the doctor before taking this therapy?

Certainly, you should ask your doctor before taking this therapy. Otherwise before taking this therapy check that the therapist is well trained in this field.

Q6. How much time will I need to spend in a day at a cupping studio?

It takes approximately 15 minutes to half an hour, to place the cups and get the treatment.

Q7. Does Cupping therapy hurt?

No. But it can put you in discomfort. Also, it leaves a temporary mark on your skin which takes 10 days to go.

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