Exporting and Importing Customers and Booking Information from MindBody Online (MBO)

You can export your current customers from MindBody & we’ll import them into KRIYA. You must have a KRIYA-paid subscription before the import.

What data do we need?

1. Customer details  (basic information like name, email, etc)
2. Class Booking history  (class booking history for old and future classes)

Which MBO reports do you need?

Unfortunately, there is not one report that will list all of the needed data at once, however, we can use a combination of reports.

  1. Visits Remaining report – This report shows you the number of visits that remain on each client’s prepaid pass or limited-visit pricing options (also known as count series).

    If you cannot get the Visits Remaining report it’s ok to use the Mailing Lists report which includes the contact details for your clients and the Last Visit report  – This report will display the last visit for each client, what passes they used and how many sessions remain.

2. Schedule at a Glance report  – This report will display clients and their associated visits, with the class times and days associated.

In MBO, some reports are only available with certain packages. For more information on what your subscription includes, click here.

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