Where can I view the sent emails? Is there an inbox I can’t locate so I can see the outgoing emails I have sent from KRIYA?

KRIYA provides feature to mail Customers of a Business. Link in the Class Page where one can check the Students Bookings. Where they can also send Emails to the students who have booked it, the information about on this upcoming class.

Rather than having an Inbox for sent mails, we have a Additional Emails setting. Let’s have a look on how to access this feature and use it’s potential.

Navigation & Accessing the Additional Emails feature #

KRIYA emphasis on Simplistic and Intuitive Dashboard for you to Understand and Operate with ease.

This Feature allows you to receive all the E-mails Sent from KRIYA to your Customers on any Email Address. It can be your Business Email or different email address you create for this purpose with any Email Access Provider (Eg. Gmail).

How to CC E-Mails to Studio Owner #

All Emails go to CC listed in the box, like Welcome customer email, Cancel booking confirmation, Join waiting list confirmation, Change password & more.

Login to the Dashboard and follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Click on Settings in Left Main Menu.
  2. Now Click on Main Settings, which is a sub menu.
  3. Scroll to Find General Settings Section in the Page loaded.
  4. In the General Settings you will find the “Send additional emails to” Option.
  5. Enter the E-mail address(s) in the text box, scroll down and Click on Edit and Save button to save this setting.
Navigation to Additional Emails

Note : Use comma between E-mail addresses, when you want to send mails to multiple E-mail addresses.

How to CC E-mails to Teachers / Instructors #

Teachers only receive CC on their emails regarding the class they teach, like Booking confirmation, Cancel booking confirmation, Join waiting list confirmation.

In the same Main Settings Page Scroll to Find Booking Settings Section.

Check the CC Teacher Check box, scroll down and click on Edit and Save button to save this setting.

CC Emails to Teacher / Instructor Setting.

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