My Customer Used a 5 Class Pass to Book a Special Workshop instead the Workshop Pass

If you want to force a Special or Specific Pass must be used to book a class or workshop you must specify that when you add the class.

Add Passes Allowed to Book to your Class or Workshop #

Adding Specific Passes to a Class or Workshop -Kriya Software
Adding Specific Passes to a Class or Workshop -Kriya Software

If this is left empty, it is assumed that ALL PASSES can book this class.

If you forgot to add this, is OK, you can still Edit the class and add the Passes Allowed to Book later.

What if my customer booked it using the ‘wrong’ pass. Eg 5 Class Pass #

If your customer already booked your special class or workshop using the wrong class pass, this is how you can fix it

  1. Make sure you have a specific Pricing pass for your special class or workshop
  2. Open the the Workshop attendance page and Delete this customer from the Class
  3. Edit the class settings, and add Passes Allowed to Book, Save and Update
  4. Invite the customer to book again, now they would have to purchase the correct Pass
  5. If they already have the correct Pass, you can manually, add them back to the class

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