How to send an Email or Text Message (SMS) to my Clients or Students

KRIYA provides default Email and Text Message support for the Studios to quickly convey information to their Clients / Students. Messages you want to send could be anything related to class, like instructions etc.

To send Email or a Text Message follow the Steps Below: #

  1. Click on Customers in left Main Menu.
  2. Select the Check box beside student names to whom you want to send a message.
  3. Find and Click on Actions button in top left, Just Above Students list.
  4. Now select Email or SMS, whichever way you want to communicate.

Selecting either will cause a pop-up to appear. Fill in all the details and Click on Send button.

Selecting the Email option from Actions button. #

This will cause the Email pop-up to appear. Here you can change all the text boxes.

  1. From: Leave it as it is, as your Studio Email will already be there. Still, you can change it if in case you want to.
  2. To: Here Email Ids of all the students you have select will appear, you can add more student Email Ids if you want to.
  3. Subject: Your Studio name will auto appear here, but feel free to change it according to you.
  4. Message: Here you will type the message you want to send. And click on Send Message button.

Send Email Pop-up

Selecting the SMS option from Actions button. #

This will cause the SMS pop-up to appear. Here you can change 3 out of the 4 text boxes.

  1. From: This text box will be locked with your studio name so the recipient Students can know from whom they are receiving the text message, so they won’t see it as a spam or else.
  2. Country: Keep this as it is, as this will be auto-selected according to the Studio’s location.
  3. To: Here you will see the numbers of all the students you selected to send the message, add more student numbers if you need to.
  4. Message: Type the actual message you want to send, here. And click on Send SMS button.
Send SMS Pop-up

Note: The country code will be applied only if the client’s number hasn’t already included a +(country code) in the number

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