Are clients able to book multiple recurring classes (for example every Monday class at 8am for an entire month), or do they need to book each class separately?

We don’t currently accept recurring bookings in KRIYA but you can set up a course or a term.

Although recurring bookings are not accepted – a customer cannot say book me into every Monday class at 8am, you can set up a course or class bundle and allow customers to book into an entire course.

How to set up or create a course or a term? #

To create a course, class term, or class bundle simply check the box ‘This is a course’ when creating a series of classes on the schedule.

Create a Course - KRIYA Booking System
Create a Course or Term – KRIYA Booking System

In the example above I’m creating a course or term every Monday at 8am starting on 16/01/2021 until 27/02/2021.

The customer must then buy the right Pass and when she/he books the first class is automatically booked into every class of the course.

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