How do I limit my Free Trial intro pass to only ONE per Customer?

KRIYA Software has a feature to give the Studio Owner an option to make a pass which will give a free trial to their Clients/Students.

Firstly we would have to create such pass in KRIYA.

To Create a pass follow the steps in this link:

If you have already created a pass or are creating a new for this purpose of free trial. Check and Edit the following options:

  1. Select the Billing Cycle option as Non Recurring. As it is a single use pass.
  2. Set the Price option to 0, as it is a free pass. Do not use any Currency symbol.
  3. Set Max Class Credits option as 1 , as typically a class reduces a single number of credit from a pass. If you have a class which takes 2 credits per session, this pass with 1 credit cannot be used.
  4. Set the Bought Times option to 1, so that this pass can be bought by a single customer only once.
  5. And Lastly the Not Available for Booking Online, Check this option so that it can only we booked in studio.
Highlighted Free Trial Pass Steps..

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