Unpaid Visits Report

KRIYA Booking System has a feature to list Unpaid Visits by Customers of a Business. This is a Resultant Report of Pay Later feature, which helps when a Customer wants to attend some Sessions / Visit on the spot, with our system Businesses can Add the Customer and let them pay later.

This Report has the list of all the Customers who booked at the last moment and agreed to pay later. Businesses can then go through this list to clear all the pending fees with the respective Customers.

Navigation to Unpaid Visit Report #

  1. Login to KRIYA, Click on Reports in left Main Menu.
  2. Click on Unpaid Visits to reach the Report List page.
Highlighted Navigation Steps

Data Columns & Filters for Report List #

KRIYA has a Minimalist approach towards Report Generation, with a necessary and clean style of information presentation for better understanding.

Unpaid visits have all the needed data columns and each Row shows information about a single Customer, like Customer Name, Customer Email, Unpaid Visit Details of that customer, and Settle Visit Link to the profile of that customer. Let us see them.

  1. Customer: Displays the name of the Customer, who owes the Business for one or more visits.
  2. Email: Email Address of the Customer.
  3. Unpaid Visit: Here you will see the Details of visits, like Session Name, Date and Time of the Visit.
  4. Settle: This Column has the “Click Here” link, which takes you to the Customers profile from where you will be able to settle Visit Fee with the customer.
Highlighted Columns of Report

KRIYA also has necessary Filters and sorting Options like the Search function, Show list, Display and Export. Let us see how to use them.

  1. Search Box: Here you can search for anything you want to find out about the report, like the Customer’s Email ID and, the customer’s name. Anything in the column of the report is searchable.
    Example: If I want to see people who booked a visit on 1st Jan 2021 and have not paid, I will type “1 Jan 2021” in the Search Box, I can also search for the time of visit, like 8 am.
    As the information has short forms of month names like “Jan” for January and “Jun” for June, type only the short forms to get the results. The same applies to other information as well.
  2. Show List: This has a list of Numbers like 10, 25, 50 &100. Which Indicates the number of rows that will appear on a single page. If you select 50 in this list, only 50 rows will appear on a single page.
    Selecting more Results/Rows per page, may take time to load depending on you System’s Performance.
  3. Display Button: Use it to Show and Hide columns in the Report, you can Check to Show, and Uncheck to Hide the columns.
  4. Export Button: This Option will let you download all the data you have loaded with applied Filters and options. You can Copy and download the list in CSV, Excel, or PDF file format, or just Print Directly.
    Only the data shown with all the pages will be Exported, Copied or Printed.
Show, Display and Export Functions

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