How to Add and Manage Instructors or Teachers in KRIYA?

To add new instructors or teachers in your Dashboard.
Go to Settings in left main menu and click on Instructors.Then click on Add Instructor in the top right.

Adding New Instructors - KRIYA Software
Adding New Instructors – KRIYA Software

Then complete the form with your instructor details.

Form Add New Instructors - KRIYA Software
Form Add New Instructors – KRIYA Software

After you add a Teacher or Instructor you can Edit it to modify the password

Modify Password on Teacher -Kriya Software
Modify Password on Teacher / Instructor

There are a few important things to note:

  1. The email address must be unique in the system. You can use an alternative or dummy email address.
  2. After you create a teacher. You can Edit the Instructor to assign a password.
  3. Teachers log into the system the same way studio owners do via

Now we have the option to make the Instructor an Admin. This will give the instructor all the privileges the Studio Owner has.

To use this option Select the Make Admin button in top right of the Edit Instruction page for any Instructor who you want to make an Admin.

Note : Instructors must login on the Dashboard and not on the booking widget. The booking calendar widget is only for students or clients.

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