Editing a Class or Modifying Class Series

Login to KRIYA. On the Dashboard head to Schedule / Classes. Both are one and the same, Schedule shows the timetable in Graphical style and Classes in a tabular form.

We can see a Add a Class on the Top Right corner of the page. Click on it to add a new class.
Or Click Actions button of the class in which you have to make changes, and click on Edit.

Choosing any of the above way you will be taken to a new page where we can fill in the details of a class. Let us see what are those.

Changing the Class #

Select a Class type which is available in your Studio. Or quickly create a new class type with the quick link below this Text box.

Changing the Description #

This will be available only while editing a class, as when you select a Class Type in the above field the description you created when you made a Class Type will be automatically loaded while creating a class.
You can change it while editing.

Changing the Room #

Here you have to enter the location detail, where the class is going to be held. You can add more location from Main menu , head to Settings and then Locations.

Changing the Passes Allowed to Book #

Select from the list of passes you have , which can be used to book this class, can be one or multiple passes.
Leave this field empty, if all passes are allowed to book the class you are creating / editing.
For example : Select “Daily meditation Pass” here so only this pass holders can book this Class.

Changing the Start Date #

Select the Start date of the Class.

Changing the Start & End Time #

Select these times to mention the number of hours for which these class will run.
For example : Start Time: 7 am , End Time : 8 am. Indicates a 1 hour session.

Changing the Instructor #

Select the Instructor/Tutor, who is going to teach in this class.

Changing the Repeat #

Select Does not Repeat if it is a one time Session, or else select according to the Class, if it is a weekly class select weekly, etc.

Changing the Every #

If you select any options other than Does not Repeat in the repeat list, this option will appear.
Leave it blank, if you have a normal weekly or monthly repeating class.
For example : When you select a weekly class , the class will repeat every 1 week, so 1 is auto selected in this option, if you want to like repeat this class every 2 weeks select 2 in here.

Changing the Until #

Leave this option blank so that the class will repeat indefinitely for 2 years, or mention a date on which this class ends, this is helpful when you want to have some classes as a course for like 3 or 5 months.
Also select the days of the week on which the class will be held.
For example: Students can have a Class every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Changing the Make it a Course #

When you tick/check this Check box, this Class will be treated as a course. Students who will book this class will be booked for all the classes in this series. You will have to choose a particular Pass in the Pass field so that Students will required to have a pass with credits required to book for all class in the series

Save & Update Settings #

Depending upon what you are doing Click on Add Class / Update to save the settings you have added / changed.

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