All Transactions Report

KRIYA Booking System has a Transactions Report feature to easily view transactions made at your business. The report provides options like viewing, receipt and creating Invoices.

Includes an All-In-One Search Function.
Provides advanced feature sets like data exporting with various parameters.

To view the All Transactions Report #

  1. Login to KRIYA and, Click on Reports in left Main Menu.
  2. Click on Transactions to view all the transactions.
Navigation to Transaction Reports.

Filters and Options to View and Manage Reports #

Transaction Report has many filters to help Businesses View and Export Data in various combinations of parameters to fulfil certain Business management criteria by tracking transactions.

Tracing transactions will help Business Financial Assessments and with other Business Needs.

So let us see all the filters we can use to obtain a certain list of transactions according to our needs.

  1. Customers: Select/Filter from the List of Customers you have in your Business.
    Only Customers who have made a transaction between the Selected dates in the “Form” and the “To” Date Table will be shown here. Select any one of them to view only their transactions.
  2. Payment Method: Select the Payment Method such as Credit Card / Cash / Bank Transfer. Selecting any one will list all the transactions happened through that method.
  3. From & To: Select the dates From when and to when you want and click on the Submit button to view the transactions that took place on those two dates. It includes transactions made on those two dates.
    Example: If I want to see all the transactions that are made between 1 Jan to 10 Jan 2021, I will select 1 Jan 2021 in the From Date Table and 10 Jan 2021 in the To Date Table and click on the Submit button.
  4. Search: Here you can search anything related to transactions, like amount, Status of transaction or which pass was bought.
    Example: If I want to see all the transactions made for a particular pass, like Hatha Yoga Advance Course. I will type “Hatha Yoga Advance Course” in the search box.
Filters Available

Transactions List Data Columns #

KRIYA has 8 different Data Columns for each transaction which are relevant. Let us see which are those.

  1. Date & Time: This column shows when was the transactions made.
  2. Customer Name: Has the names of customers who made the transactions with your Business.
  3. Order: This shows what was bought through that transaction, like Passes & Subscriptions.
  4. Amount: This will show the Amount paid in that transaction.
  5. Payment Method: This will show what was the mode of payment. It can be Cash / Credit Card etc.
  6. Status: This column will show whether the transaction made was successful or was failed.
  7. Action: This Column has a Action Button for each transaction made, where you can View, Send Receipt & send Invoice to the customer.
    View option will take you to the Customer Details Page of the customer who made the transaction.
    Receipt and Invoice options will show a Pop-Up asking If you to send the Receipt / Invoice to the Customer. Select Send to send that Transaction’s Receipt / Invoice & Click on Close to close the Pop-Up.
  8. Transaction ID: Shows the unique transaction ID of each transaction.
Highlighted Transaction Data Columns

Export, Display and Show Options #

  1. Show: Select the number of rows you want to display on the current page of transactions. The default is selected as 100 rows, You can Select from “10” to “All” transactions to show on a single page.
    Understand more the rows more time it will take to load.
  2. Display: It has all the 8 Transactions Columns listed, Check/Select the columns relevant to you so that no unnecessary information is loaded for a clean look.
  3. Export: This will let you download all the transactions you have loaded with applied filters. You can Copy and download the list in CSV, Excel, or PDF file format, or just Print Directly.
    Remember Only the data shown with all the pages will be Exported, Copied or Printed.
Show Option List
Display Option List
Export Option List

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