What are Dashboard notifications and how to mark them as Read?

1. What are notifications? #

  • Notifications are reminders, that are generated when a customer makes some changes from their end, like booking a class or package.
  • Notifications Icon/button appear on the Top Right-hand side of our website. Appears like 3 horizontal lines with a “Plus” sign and shows the number of notifications generated. [Check the Below Image]
Notification Button / Icon

How to mark them as read? #

  • When you press on the Notification Icon / Button you will be able to see the the notifications.
  • Now you can either check all the notifications and close the tab to watch it again, or clear all the notifications from it.
  • To revisit the notifications, please use the cross mark on the top right side in notifications tab.
  • To clear all the notifications, press on mark read text
You can see the “X” cross and “Mark read” here.

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