Can my clients book into a class before buying a class pass? What happens if I tick the box with the option to allow students to book now and pay later?

KRIYA Software has the feature to let Clients/Students of Yoga Studios book a class without having to buy any passes, for that last-minute decision.

Business can book a session for their Students at the last minute and let them pay later or at the studios.

Check this Help document on “How to add students to a class and let them pay later”:

How to turn ON the option to allow students to book classes without a pass #

  • Login to your KRIYA account, on the left main menu select Settings.
  • Now click on Main Settings. This is where you can edit all the main information related to the studio.
  • Scroll down to find Booking Settings section, in that find “Allow customers to Book Now and Pay Later“.
  • Tick the Check box beside this option to allow students who don’t hold a package to book a class.
Highlighted Check Box Option for Book Now and Pay Later.

Scroll down to the Bottom of the same page and click on the Edit and Save buttons to save the changes made.

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