How to Cancel a Booking both from Dashboard and the Client’s Widget?

Class bookings can be cancelled by clients on the widget or by yourself on the Dashboard.

Customers can cancel booking in following manner #

1. Log into their account by Login Button on top right corner.

Login Button Highlighted..

2. Option 1: Same way as you book a class, you navigate to the class that you want to cancel via timetable. This time, instead of Book button you will see Cancel button.

Highlighted steps to find and cancel booking date..

3. Option 2: Cancel through Class History menu
Click on Classes History in menu and see the class you want to cancel. You would see a cancel button for classes that you can cancel.

Studio Owner Settings : Class Cancellation Time Limit #

Studio owners can specify restrictions. By default most studios have 1 or 2 hour cancellation restriction. Check the setting under Main Settings section to see what you have specified and if you want to change it.

Numbered Steps to Change Hours…

Studio Owners can cancel a student as well #

– Go to open class from your dashboard (select class from schedule and then click Open Class)
– Select the customer and then in Action menu on right, you will see Cancel option.

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