How to Manually Register and Enrol a Client into a Course Manually?

Say, you want to waive the fees for a student or the student pays you cash and you want to manually enrol this student from the dashboard into a course you are running.

Am I able to register & enrol them by manually punching their details and registering them into a particular course? Is there such a feature available?

Yes, you can.

  1. Create a course class type
  2. Create the course pricing pass
  3. Create the course schedule on the calendar
  4. Find the client / student and give her/him the course pass. Select the payment option of choice (free credit, cash, etc)
  5. Open the class on the schedule > course class
  6. Add this customer to the class as you normally do
  7. The customer will automatically be added to the course and booked on every class
Meditation Course Class Attendance - KRIYA Software
Meditation Course Class Attendance – KRIYA Software

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