Can I change my Stripe account? Would I lose any information? What do you recommend?

Stripe is a payment processing gateway that holds some crucial data regarding the client subscription that is needed and is responsible for processing a student’s subscription payment.

Stripe allows the creation of subscriptions, customers, charges, refunds, and more.

KRIYA booking system doesn’t allow you to change the linked stripe account on the fly and you need to email support for the same. This is due to issues caused in the past where businesses lost data after changing their stripe account to a new one.

We save customer details and subscriptions on the stripe account.

If someone changes their stripe account their data will be lost, and to migrate data from the old account to the new one you need to take help from stripe support and even then only customers can be migrated.

Thus, we do not recommend changing the stripe account after you have set up your account and have already started taking bookings and selling subscriptions.

Instead, we recommend changing Stripe account settings like name and email address to your preference.

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