How To whitelist KRIYA emails using Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Hotmail and MSN? Why are KRIYA emails going to spam?

An Email sent to you will be filtered by the Email Service Provider you use (like Gmail, Microsoft, or Yahoo), it is checked for spam, viruses etc., to save you from any potential damage.

If you are not able to see KRIYA mails in your inbox, it may wrongly be marked spam. So to ensure that you receive all the relevant Emails, you must whitelist/unblock all emails coming from the KRIYA Domain ( by adding it to your service provider’s trusted list for you.

Example : Email ID of an Email sent to you from a Business using KRIYA will look like this :

To Allow KRIYA Emails in Gmail: #

To Allow KRIYA Emails in Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Hotmail, and MSN Mail: #

To Allow KRIYA Emails in Yahoo Mail: #

Note: Ensure that you mark all emails from the domain “” as Safe/Trusted.

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