How do I Settle a Pay Later visit booked by my Student or by me

KRIYA has a Pay Later feature which lets a customer book a visit with the business without the hassle of paying during the booking process.

It helps the Business generate a Revenue and their Customer to Book a Visit even at the last minute, if a spot is available.

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Navigation to the Customer Page for settlement #

To settle, find the customer in the Unpaid Visit Report or at the Class for which you want to settle. Let us look at it one by one. Use the below two method to find the exact customer for settlement.

Through Unpaid Visits Report #

This is helpful when you want to settle with multiple customers at once, like at the end of every month. This comes down to Business Owner preference.

  1. Login to KRIYA, click on Reports in the left Main Menu, then click on Unpaid Visits.
  2. Look for the Customer in the Report, using the functions available and click on the “Click Here” Text in the Settle Column to visit that particular Customer’s Page.

Through Classes/Visits in Schedule #

Use this to find the recent Sessions, and check whether you have any settlements to complete.
Example : When the customer comes at the end of a session to pay for it.

  1. Login to KRIYA, click on Schedule in the left Main Menu, this will open the schedule page.
  2. Choose the Session/Class and click on Open Class.
  3. Find the Customer Name with “red dot” indicating unpaid customer, and click on that Customer Name to visit that particular Customer’s Page.

How to settle a Class #

Once you are in the Customer’s Details Page using the Navigation steps, just scroll down and look for Membership & Packages section. In it find the Add New Membership Package Row.
Now here while settling, Customer can just pay for One Session or can buy a Package available at your Business. You can settle one or more visits, just select the package according to number of visits you want to settle

  1. Select the Package with credits equal to the Visits you want to settle, in the Select Package List Box.
  2. Select the Payment mode, in the Select Payment Method List Box. Which can be Cash or Credit Card, etc.
  3. Click on Add Package to add it to the Customers Account.
Steps to Add a Package

Just now we added a package to the Customer’s Account as we got the payment from the Customer, now we just need to use it to settle it using the steps below.

  • On the same Customer Details Page look for Customer History Section. In it you will find the history of the Customer like, Date Joined, Classes Booked and Classes Owed.
  • Click on the Settle Owed Classes Button beside the Classes Owed Column, which shows the number of Classes the Customer Owes.
  • A Settling owed classes Pop-Up will appear, Select the number of Classes using the Check Boxes.
  • Select the Package to the settle, from the Select Package List.
Steps to Settle a Visit

Mostly businesses have a Single Visit Pass/Package for a One time Session, which they use settle a single owed class, and add that same pass multiple times to settle multiple visits
But You can add any Package which has multiple Visits/Credits and then use its visits for settling multiple or single owed classes, then the customer can use the remaining visits for the future bookings.

Note: Credits are number of Sessions / Visits a Customer gets with a particular Package. So Credits of a Single Visit can be different for different Classes.
One can only Settle a Owed visit with a Package having Equal or more Credits.

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