How to Pause Recurring Memberships/Subscriptions?

KRIYA has a feature to Pause an ongoing Plan Membership/Subscription with a Customer. It helps for certain times when the Business or the Customer finds a sudden need to not operate as planned or cannot join the session.

Steps to Find Customer(s) and Pause Their Subscription #

  1. Login to KRIYA, Click on Customers in the Left Main Menu.
  2. Find the Customer(s) using their Names or Membership Package Name, in the Search box.
    You can also use other terms available in the list for the search, like Membership Status. Type “Running” in the Search Box to see only Customers with running Packages.
  3. Click on Actions button beside the Customer whose Package you want to Pause, and Click on View. This will Open that particular Customer’s “Customer Details Page”.
  4. Scroll down on that page to find “Membership & Packages” Section. Select Actions button beside the Package you want to pause. Now Click on Pause Option in Actions Button List.
    This will Open a Pop-Up.
  5. Select the Resume Date in Resume on Date Table from the Pop-Up, which is the date from when the Package will continue to run normally. Select future dates to avoid Error Message.
  6. Now Click on Pause button. This will confirm the Pause action, and the Plan will now be paused till the date provided.
Steps to Find the Customer
Pausing the Membership
Steps to Confirm the Pause in the Pop-Up

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