Can I create a variety of options for Passes and Subscription to apply only to specific classes?

We have a variety of class types:

Standard Studio Classes
Duo Studio Class
Mat Classes
One on One sessions

We would like to create a variety of payment options for each class type.

For example, with a Studio Class you could have the option of purchasing a 5x Class Pass to allow you to do 5x Studio classes at a discounted rate, or you could choose to set up a direct debit subscription and pay weekly for two studio classes per week at a discounted rate. But the “Pass” or “Subscription” would need to only apply to that class type.

I’ve tried a lot of booking platforms and a lot of them manage their passes like a credit that can be applied to any service, we need something more sophisticated, do you offer this function?

Watch the [Video ►] on creating new Passes / Subscriptions

Watch the [Video ►] on creating new Classes on your Timetable

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