Where and How Does my Students / Clients tick my Waiver?

KRIYA Booking System provides General Terms and Conditions & WAIVER feature to its Clientele. Which can be changed according to clients preference.

Let us see where can we Find and Edit this Setting in KRIYA #

  1. Login to KRIYA, find and click on Settings in left Main Menu.
  2. Now click on Main Settings, Scroll down to “General Terms and Conditions & WAIVER“.

In the Terms & Conditions Text Box, add things you want students to see in the terms and conditions at the Sign-Up Page. Scroll down and click on Edit and Save to save these changes.

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Terms and Conditions Section

Where can your Students See & Accept the Terms and Conditions #

  1. Terms and Conditions once created and saved will appear at the Sign-Up page for the Clients/Students.
  2. There will be a Check Box with highlighted “terms and conditions” green text, above the Sign-Up button.
  3. Students can read the terms by clicking on that green text and then tick the check box to accept them.
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Terms and Conditions Checkbox.

Note : Clients must tick / check this Terms and Conditions when they Sign Up.

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