How do I set up a recurring payments

Setting up recurring payments is as simple as creating a new Pricing package. (Settings > Pricing)

First, give your pass a good descriptive name.

Then, you have 3 options for recurring payments: monthly, fortnightly or weekly.

Enter your price as a whole number eg. 186, 200

If Max Classes per Period is left blank it means unlimited. You can also specify a number eg. 10, 20, 30 to allow a maximum of classes on the recurring period (month, fortnight or week).

Settings Fortnightly Pass Unlimited Classes - KRIYA Software
Settings Fortnightly Pass Unlimited Classes – KRIYA Software

Once, the customer buys a recurring payment pass either using the widget or in person, the system will continue to bill automatically until is cancelled.

Customers receive a notification email when they buy any one off Passes or recurring Memberships.

You can cancel a recurring payment pass on the customer profile page. Scroll down to the Passes and Memberships section. Find the recurring pass, and in ACTIONS select [Cancel].

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