How Do I Set Up a Recurring Payments or Membership Passes?

Setting up recurring payments is as simple as creating a new Pricing package. (Settings > Pricing)

First, give your pass a good descriptive name.

Then, you have 3 options for recurring payments: monthly, fortnightly or weekly.

Enter your price as a whole number eg. 186, 200

If Max Classes per Period is left blank it means unlimited. You can also specify a number eg. 10, 20, 30 to allow a maximum of classes on the recurring period (month, fortnight or week).

Weekly Recurring Pass on KRIYA
Weekly Recurring Pass on KRIYA

Once, the customer buys a recurring payment pass either using the widget or in person, the system will continue to bill automatically until is cancelled.

Customers receive a notification email when they buy any one off Passes or recurring Memberships.

You can cancel a recurring payment pass on the customer profile page. Scroll down to the Passes and Memberships section. Find the recurring pass, and in ACTIONS select [Cancel].

Can you please explain how the recurring works in pricing?

See the example above. When the customers purchases the Weekly Membership he or she is charged $50 every week until cancelled.

Is there a debit request form the customer has to fill out?

No form to filled by the customer. Is all online. You can choose to have your own form but is not required by Stripe.

Does stripe know to charge each billing cycle?

Yes, it is set to billed automatically until cancelled by the studio.

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