How to update my KRIYA Account login email or password?

Updating your Email Id or Password are a required when you want to have a new Email ID linked to your KRIYA profile. Changing Password is a good Business and Personal habit, which secures our Account with any given Service from potential breach.

You need be Logged into your KRIYA Account before you can proceed further. Lets understand this setting below.

1. After Logging in you will be seeing the KRIYA Dashboard Welcome Page for your Account.

2. Click on you Name at the top right corner of this Home Page. And now Click on Profile. This will take you to your profile page.

First Step to Open Profile Page

3. In this Profile Page you can Change you First Name , Last Name, Email-ID, Password, and you can upload a new Profile Picture too.

4. You have to Type the New Password in both Select New Password & Confirm New Password.
Remember you have changed your password and use it to Login the next time.

Note : You will be Either Logged out of the System immediately Or you will get a Profile Updated Notification in green at the Top, after you Update you Password in the Next Step.
Be Careful and Remember you password after typing it.

5. Click on Edit and Save Button to Save the New Passwords you have entered. Same applicable to Save any and all the Changes you have made into this Profile Page.

Steps to Change Password

Note : Please adhere to the Points mentioned under Change your Password, this is needed so you have a Strong Password which cannot be easily guessed by others.

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