I use a tablet or mobile at the studio. How to add KRIYA Dashboard to my tablet or mobile Home Screen?

KRIYA mobile app is only for the students to pay, book and cancel classes. However, you can add the link to the KRIYA Dashboard on the Home screen of any mobile and tablet.

Let us see show this works below.

How to Add Dashboard to IOS Devices. #

  1. Open https://www.kriya.com.au/dashboard/ in Safari browser.
  2. Scroll down and find the Share icon.
  3. Click on the option Add to Homescreen.

Check the Images below for reference.

Share Icon
Add to Home Screen button

How to add Dashboard to Android #

This is the same as IOS, here you just have to open a browser, preferably Firefox.

  1. Open https://www.kriya.com.au/dashboard/ in it.
  2. Click on option (3 dots). Then click on Add to Home Screen.

Check the below image for reference.

Add to Home Screen.

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