Migrating or Importing from other booking system

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This guide will help you to get through the importing or migrating process into KRIYA from your existing booking system.

Ready.? #

Migration is the final step to your system setup journey.
Make sure you really need to import clients, i.e. if you have active paying clients and you are ready with the below prerequisites.

Prerequisites: #

  1. KRIYA account with paid subscription.
  2. Setup your KRIYA account by configuring settings, classes, passes, Stripe connection.
  3. Spreadsheet of existing active paying clients from your current system with necessary details like First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Pass Name, Number of visits remaining.

If you are not able compile the spreadsheet data or have any doubts surely contact us at support@kriya.com.

Note : Spreadsheet should be sent to support@kriya.com at least 3 working days prior to the date you need it to reflect in your KRIYA account.
Only clients with visits remaining and having a paid subscription will be imported. Other clients can simply register a new account using your personalized booking link.

Fees #

One time fee of $199 for importing the students into the system will be added to your next billing amount.

Learn more about importing from MindBody Online.

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