Why is my Class Description not visible on the Widget or Different that my Class Type?

Class Description allows one to describe the class to the students who would like to join it. They can read it directly from the schedule provided to you by KRIYA.

Is important to know that modifying the class types (class title or description) doesn’t automatically update the Schedule. To modify the schedule title or description you must Edit the class series.

The next time you create a series of classes with the new Class Type it will, though, reflect the new name and description.

Tip: Always Enter the Class Description before you add that Class to the Schedule. This will ensure that the description gets embedded in the Scheduled Classes and the Widget.

You can either enter the Class Description while Adding a New Class Type or Edit the ones you have already created.

Click on Add Class Type to Create a new Class Type.

Click on Actions Button then Edit to edit an existing Class Type.

Add / Edit a Class Type

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